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Mm :paranoid: this is as close to a "human" as you're gonna get from me. It's jsut a doodle I was working on in photoshop, and it turned out half-decent. I don't know why the iris is purple, I just chose a random colour. Anyway, I did this because I have an eye fetish... as most of you already know. There's something just so... deep and mysterious about eyes that really makes me want to try and capture the intangible life inside them. You know what I mean? Anyway, enjoy. I had fun working on this ;P.

Eyelashes found here.
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beautiful, did you know that the pupil will dialate (open) to let in more light when we see something that we like? also that our pupils generally are as wide as they get during orgasm?
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:o i didnt know about the orgasm part.
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cool eh? check your significant other's pupils when youre close. when you smile i guarantee their pupils will enlarge. hehe.
a good way to tell what someone likes.
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i'll remember that :P
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it's good. the freaky thing is though, it's almost as if i could have drawn that pic. eyes are the only human thing i can draw and i have an eye fetish too. :O_o: scarrreeee :fear:
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me too. :) green and blue ones ^^
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Somone else with an eye fetish!! o.o :glomp: I love the iris of this. You captured it so well!!
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awesome :headbang:

i had a dream about a chic with purple eyes

and after i seen her thier was a huge storm

ah well (my two cents)

nice work!
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:dance: Thanks so much. I'm glad you liked it :hug:
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The eyebrows bother me..a lot. Look at someone's eye up-close(probably yours). The eyebrows have WAY too much hair. If they eye were that would be able to see skin between the hair. It's very 1 dimentional looking. What you want to do, is make it look 3 on 2. The eyeball, is the best part. I htink there should be more shine, personally. Plus, more of that dark purple around the iris. Yes you like eyes and you focus on the eyeball more than the rest of the picture. I think you need to focus on the rest of the picture just as much as the eyeball. The eyelids. end after the eyelashes...where are they here? Nowhere. Where are they period? i kind of have a vague colour..blotch, but not much. Nothing really for the top one. Eyelashes..where exactly are they coming from? They're much too dark/lgiht/many. They look like brush strokes. Yo should try to focus more on lines, texture, and shading. Things should look like what you want them to be. wet/dry/damp hair/fabric/skin etc.
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I really like how you did the iris on this. It kinda reminds me of a friend who has purple contacts..
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:D thanks, I tried to make it realistic :hug:
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i agree. eyes are very important. some ppl can pick up what others are feeling through just staring at their eyes. i am not one who can do that, unfortunately. but i love purple eyes. congrats.
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Eye Fetish? Yeah you do. Nice Job by the way.
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Cool. I love eyes, and purple irises are cool. If only they existed... :sniff:
Skin's a bit reddish though.
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It's like whoa. Like how you drew the Irises and made that little gleam to show off his/her cute watery eyes ><
How'd you do the iris??
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Welllll I took a brush (90% hardness) and made a dot in the middle of the eye. Then underneath that on a separate layer, I made a slightly larger dot (with a darker colour). Then I took the smudge tool at 1 px and 100% hardness (about 90% strength) and smudged inward on the top layer, toward the iris. Then I fiddled around with some colour burning.

To make the gleam, I used the lasso tool and made my outlines of the 'gleam.' And then I used white, at 50% opacity, and clicked once in each selected area. After deselecting, I used the blur tool to give it softer edges. :) Hope that helps.
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