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Drawing A Wolf

O_O Well I was asked to make this, so I did. Now, to detail the last picture:

Step Five
This is all about the details and addons. You'll note that the eye was given lids, so he could blink :lol:, and the ear was brought out and emphasized by the cheek. When I doodle in cheeks and the like, I think triangular, and that seems to work well. To finish off the paws, draw in curved lines and dot in the nails (Always remember the nails are at the bottom of the paws, not the middle or top :P), and drew in the tail.

Unfortunately this isn't a fur tutorial, but I have one of those as well, and you can go HERE to get it.

If you can't read my writing under the details, I will retype it here.

You should always begin the eyes with a circle, because eyes are round. Draw the lids ontop of the circle [and detail in lashes etc]

Make them as 3-dimensional as you can! The more the better =)!

RAWR! Paws are fun to draw, this I promise you ^.^
Things to remember:
i) Nails are at the bottom (not the middle of top =P!)
ii) Detail isn't necessary unless you're doing a close-up

Well, That's it o_o. I know that my style is not every ones, and I hope that people can use this an example to help gain their own techniques!! Good luck :D!!
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There's a lot of anatomy mistakes, but since the tutorial's fairly old now I'll let it pass.
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Here's another tips for drawing paws - the claws are always as close to the middle of the paw as the size of their toe alllows them! hope this helps ;)
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It works so well! Thanks for the help!! :)
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This will definitely help me envision the anatomy of wolves :nod:
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This is great! Very good tutorial!
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:O the eyes are awesome!

and and the ear are sooo cute!

you should check out my gallery tehe ^^
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Woah! I love your style! I wish I could draw as well as your!
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Thanks :D All it takes is a lot of practice and drawing the same things over.. and over.. lol
loks more like a dog but i still love it :)
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Wow, I've looked through so many wolf tutorials, and I've got to say, yours is probably the best one for a "realistic cartoon" style, as I call it; thankies for making it!! ;p
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thanks so much :D i hope it was able to help you with your drawings. post back and lemme see what you did with it :D
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you're welcome:) I actually haven't drawn for almost seven years, but with your tutorial, I'm actually doing pretty good:boogie:

I got to step four of this pose, which I've almost finished, and I have to say: you were right about the hind legs; the far one wasn't too bad, but the near one is giving me trouble (the shin area always looks weird when I try it)

I have a few questions on poses; do you mind if I ask them?:aww:
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surely go ahead and ask :)
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Thanks :) I was going to ask about fur, but I found a style that I like =D So I was curious: do you have any further tips on drawing paws, and any tips for drawing tails? :) Mainly one like my fursona's (the dark red one in this pic) [link]
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look at that, i use triangles to get my shapes right. But that's for my style of paws, yours can be different :)

Your tail looks fine to me!
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Thanks for the link! :)

Well, the pic I showed was drawn by my best friend (the wolfeh who's nomming on my tail XD); do you mainly draw tails freehand?
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yeah, how else would you draw them?
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Since I got semi-bitched at for not giving credit where credit was due recently, I'd like to say that I used your tutorial as reference for anatomy and pose for [link]

Your tutorial was very very helpful, and I learned a lot. I've been able to do some more freely-drawn wolves since then. An example would be the Christmas present I made for my RP friend. :3

Again, thanks for the tutorial, and I'm sure it will continue to come in handy for me (as well as many others) in the future.
This is a real effective way of drawing! I'm an amateur to this, but I seem to have a hidden talent lol ;) I'm beginning to love drawing :D
All thanks to Deadlights11! :D
OMG I have searched for HOURS for a really good wolf tutorial and yours was perfect!! Thank you so much! It took all night to find it but so worth it. =D
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that is very kind..
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