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OC, Forget-Me-Not

     She grew up in Galloping Gorge, in a small hut with her mother Painted Wave, who sold painting's and taught simple magic to the filly's of Unicorn Range for extra bits.
Her father (EnterNameHere) moved to Canterlot when she was young to become part of the royal guard for Princess Celestia. 

Forget-Me-Not learned at a early age she could grow small flowers with her magic, but it was only when she grew a Myosotis alpestris; a flower found in the Icy Plains, she felt a deep connection in her heart and true understanding of what she was meant to do earning her a cutie mark. Always feeling out of place and never visiting town she wanted to live in isolation but still somepony always came knocking on her door, she knew her place was elsewhere but where? it was this same feeling that drove her to set off on an adventure into the Frozen North.
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Thank you, I have plans on a small comic if I ever get around to it.
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Aww :aww: she's so cute and her story is amazing! :clap: