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In a Gadda da Vida




The Idea behind: another Interpretation of the Genesis, the first Man (Adam and Eve) and the Beginning of Civilization (after being expelled from Paradise) of Mankind. Somehow an Ambivalence, I think.

The Snake has already been punished for persuading Eve to take a bite, it already has lost its Legs.
I somehow thought about the Song 'Nine Inch Nails - Everyday's exactly the same', though I must admit, that this Illustration fits best to 'Iron Butterfly - In a Gadda da Vida (In the Garden of Eden)'; Love, Peace and Rock'n'Roll of the Sixties.

I also included some Symbols. The Apple always has been a cross-cultural Symbol (in Germany we call it 'Reichsapfel' as a Symbol of Kings, a Symbol in many Religions and Fairytales and much more). The 'Devil' on her right Side, the 'Angel' on her left Side, above her Shoulders. The Angel being a Robin, a Victim for the Snake, trying to flee in time. I tried to make it look a little bit silvern, precious in Contrast to the Snake.

The closed Eyes and Eve enjoying the first Rain on Earth should look a bit erotical. For perhaps she wanted to leave that Place, no Regret, no Remorses ... not every Day the same Stuff any more ...

And for those Headbangers like me:
Slayer covered the Song 'In a Gadda da Vida'.

Nice to know:

There exists another written Story of the Genesis in the Bible. God not made Eve out of Adam, God created both at the same Time. And this Story is the earlier Version.


After picking many References I created some rough Drawings, which I used to illustrate this within Photoshop. The original Face (at least Part of it) bases on a screencap of a Music Clip of 'Selig - Wenn ich wollte'.
My usual Technic is similar to Airbrush. Masking the single Elements (so I don't need to take that much Care of the Borders later on). Custom Texture Brushes increase the Credibility. The original Size would fit on a Poster.

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c an you put size in inches