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Molly Millions

She is Molly, from the Willian Gibson's Neuromancer novel. Just a sketch to capture how she would look like, it's not very finished, and I am kinda lazy to finish it :/ maybe next one.
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i loved this so much!
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Awesome and sexy!
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Just as I imagined her...!!! Great Job!
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Hi, :)

Can I use this image of yours showing your credits? Please watch my offer to see your benefits ang warranties, and let me know :)

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Not at all how I imagined her when I read the books. But that doesn't make it a bad interpretation at all. I love it!
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Beautiful picture! The detail on the nails is absolutely incredible :) If only it could all be true...
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Reading the book now, she looks almost exactly like I see her! :aww:
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Coming by due to the Suvudu Cage match. I really like the blades on her fingers, the art style you used really helped to almost hide them in the illustration. Critique: The gun seems wrong, or at least not how I envisioned it (so totally subjective). The eyes though, that really hurts this one. Her wrap around, implanted, mirror shades are such a part of her character, and a part of the whole Cyberpunk look/genre that her not having them, us able to see her eyes when even her lover Case never did? Her eyes not being exposed, being protected and unknowable, is really a part of who she is. Mysterious, distant, withdrawn, damaged, cool and confident, unable to cry, and more. Don't get me wrong, it's a solid piece, but it can't be great, cause those eyes can be seen.
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Thanks for the comment :) Just let me explain about the eyes, I think it's causing a lot of confusion, her eyes are actually covered but I took the liberty to make them much smaller than the original, for esthetical purposes. :D I couldn't make them look nice as big as they should be.

I'll probably try to draw her again soon
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Awesome. We need more people reading those books!
Realmente ela tem o feeling da Molly!

Massss... eu faria com as lentes bem maiores, pelo menos a calça teria que parecer couro preto. Ah, e ela quase sempre usa uma jaqueta pra esconder a flecheira!

Parabéns pelos desenhos!
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Always thought her eyes would stand out more with them implants. And maybe a little bit more shiny leathery clothes.. But since that has all been done a good golly miss Molly Millions times and is totally impractical i really prefer your style! :)
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Hey! That's a great representations of Molly. Good Job!
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Great image. It's slightly different to how I imagined her, but really captures the feel from the books.
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This picture is what inspired me to teach myself to draw, so that I can realise my own cyberpunk characters on a page and really put some flavour into my RPG settings :-D

Molly is exactly how I imagined her in the books, and I love that you've put the 'punk' into 'cyberpunk', which so many others seem to forget. The mods are subtle, but noticeably there, exactly how it should be; obvious enough for the street cred but having echoes of the original, natural nails. The mirrorshades are set back into her sockets, rather than over the surface like too many Molly pictures are, and I think it works far better.

In short, I love it!

I'm going to be practicing hard over the summer, trying to get some basic level of skill before my girlfriend buys me an A4 graphics tablet for my birthday, so that I can draw to my heart's content without wasting paper or making mess. I also prefer the style people tend to develop with tablets, building up the layers of shade and highlight using steadily smaller brushes; those methods appeal to me.

Anyway, enough of my ranting!
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I'm very happy that this inspired you :) Thanks a lot for the compliments! :thanks:

And keep drawing all day long! Not only with the tablet, drawing on paper it's very important too.
SlightlyEmoDude's avatar
I find that I can never get decent results on paper, whereas digital work just... seems more natural for me. I guess I dislike how 'messy' traditional media are, with all the washing brushes and messing around smudging stuff...

Right now I'm doodling in any spare minute I've got, using an application on my DS; I'm finding it really useful ^_^
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Awesome work. I like how her nails are somewhat abstract. The blades are more suggestive that way.
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Omg Neuromancer! Nicely done I approve!
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This is awesome! Just how I imagined her, Have you done Case yet?
deadinsane's avatar
Not yet! But I'll try to draw him soon.
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Wicked style sir! 'love your interpretation of her. Especially the way you've drawn her nails/blades to look like claws. Brilliant! :D
deadinsane's avatar
Thanks a lot :D Glad you like her
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Saw this on io9 today, awesome work, I'm a big fan of Molly (two of my first Painter projects were different versions of her). Well done.
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