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final project for media class. we had to texturize the surface before paining with a coat of matte medium and then drybrush it to get texture in the piece.
I put this off until 4 hours before it was do so it's pretty rushed but I think it came out good for what little time I had, I just want to go back and finish the top off the helmet and get more subtlety in the colors
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It looks so real. I love the textures and the colors.
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ahh, So often works must be rushed to be handed in on time. Its a bit of a boon and a bane. Gets your to finish things but not always the way you'd like.

very interesting the way the light is depicted reflecting off the surface.
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awesome work, i love the textures and design :drunk:
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Cool. I like it.
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That is beautiful! It's amazing.
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Brilliant work with wonderful plasticity and metallic textures!
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thanks, metal just seemed really well suited for this project
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4 hours? That. Rules. Nuff said.
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haha thanks, I deffinately feel like I've picked up speed this semester
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