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Experimenting with some super rancid looking skin textures on Goober, because dispite the fact that she's a dead eldritch schoolgirl, Debbie is only moderately gross compared to this hoodoo freako. I came up with the concept for her around the time I started watching Evil Dead movies with shitty but disgusting special effects and marveling in the fact that they still make me violently uncomfortable. I think the best thing about horror is similar to the best thing about humor, which is that it's subjective and you have to play around with, and combine elements to really see what you can do with the medium. 
Goobers hangs around in a group of two other malevolent poltergeists called Punky and Numbskull, lead by a psychopomp named Gideon Giles, who also happens to be a witch working for the same Scottish reaper hunting Benji and Aya for their souls, which should have been rightfully his after their accident.   
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For some reason, it's her lips that really skeeve me out -- I mean, it's a fabulous combination of a delightfully mischievous grin, and incredibly perfect grin that makes me really, really want to know who she is and what she's up to, and just an unholy amount of chapped-ness for one mouth. Like... seriously, dead woman, try some chapstick!

But overall, this is just brilliantly executed -- the skin is gross, the hair looks awesome, and the hat is perfectly worn and comfy looking, exhibiting every bit of wear and tear you'd expect someone with that kind of skin to have put it through. But mostly, I think you just nailed her features from a really, really difficult angle. Like, it strikes me as seriously perfect and there's not one area of it that jumps out at me as maybe being slightly off. It just works... 

Just another awesome addition to your cast of characters. Great work all around.
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I was about to say that the skin looks fucking disgusting...then I read the text.
So....very well done.

And EVIL DEAD rocks.