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March 1, 2007
Get your groove on with n3ON by `deaddreamer!
Featured by abhimanyughoshal
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By deaddreamer

v1.0 | 26.02.2007

a dark skin with colorful buttons and a high usability - works best if all windows are docked underneath each other.

for smooth font display enable 'use skinned font' in the preferences of the classic menu.

n3ON is a bit of a reperation to all the skins i did before as misery in motion. while they were all very detailed and nifty most of them were not that easy to read. n3ON should work pretty fine if you dig the look :)

(c) 2007 deaddreamer
web: [link]
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Proto012's avatar
Just saw this linked on tumblr and downloaded it immediately. Nice work!
garet-jax's avatar
hey DDR - Can I turn this into a CPRO Skin, WMC Skin and a Winamp 5 Base?
deaddreamer's avatar
sorry for the late reply - oc you can - knock yourself out :)
garet-jax's avatar
it is coming along slowly...same and life always take precedence...but, n3ON will be a CPRO2 Skin :)~
BerserkPPNK's avatar
Forever my favorite Winamp skin.
keute's avatar
I downloaded this eons ago and I just found it again because I -just now- decided I wanted a different skin. Great design. Simple with a splash of color.
N-GTR's avatar
how do I use this ><
MustBeResult's avatar
Awesome!One of my favourite skins! =D
Griesmeelpudding's avatar
Thank you so much, this one fits my desktop perfectly!!
deaddreamer's avatar
4lper's avatar
Thank you awesomeeeeeeeeee :D
dzsudiii's avatar
been using it for years <3
crueltyinc's avatar
wOw that is a beautiful skin. not just the pretty colors (which are pretty :D), but the awesome base. kudos
minhari's avatar
my favorite.
i like the colors. it match some of my wallpaers and my visual style (pink).

but sometimes, i'm changing my wallpaper (but not my visual style) and I would like this skin in white (light) color instead of dark.

i miss it. is it possible?
deaddreamer's avatar
will see, if i have time i will give it a try :)
DEMENTEDmacaroni's avatar
How do I get it? D8
fukaini's avatar
best skin ever
NicksOnARampage's avatar
This skin is pretty fresh, congrats on the DD.
nanquilizante's avatar
wow, this is great *__*
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Magic-Jowol's avatar
I really, really, really like this skin. I think it the best winamp classic skin ever
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