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I always wanted to redo old color jobs, but I have so many new ones,that I end up procrastinating. but here is one of Leopard Lass that I did wayyyyyyyyyy back when for Dan Sehn:iconargocomics: of his OC. Leopard Lass Reference 2 by argocomics (no wonder I wanted to redo the colors) and here is the gorgeous original artwork of the ever so talents :iconbillmausart: Leopard Lass pin-up by billmausartI hope I've improved, if only a little
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Awesome update! I always thought that was the definitive Leopard Lass piece with your colors being definitive as well. Madam Marsupia seems like a fun character and I love you follow up cover idea. I did in fact get a couple of pin-ups from Po a number of years back and your reminding me that I should probably do so again at some point.
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thx. glad you liked the colors and even liked my follow up cover idea. I love coloring po's work too. His work truly shines!
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Nice! :D I dig it!

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thx lots, as i dig your works too
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Like unto a pot of neck bones is it ON!  Looks like Madam Marsupial is going to have to take a chunk out of Leopard Lass for what she did to that cover that bears my name on it.  Great work, and yes, there is an improvement. 
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i can see bill maus or callmepo doing a follow up piece of madam marsupial swinging leopars lass' tail while almost off the page we see leopard lass' ass, butt naked. with madam marsupial saying tails i win.
rudeboy308's avatar
Sounds like a cool idea.  I had to miss out on the most recent commission drive from Po because I didn't have the money for it.
rudeboy308's avatar
After paying my car insurance premium and filing my taxes, a Po piece was too rich for my blood.
DeadDog2007's avatar
yeah, life's a real money succubus.
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