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Defence Line

OK, at first i have drawn only the M109. Decided to strech that pic and finally drawn mechs. XD
This is my fav pic done in 2018. I think i have done a similar pic 3 years ago, but the difference is bigger than i thought.
Hope you like it.
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Wow, that is very cool!
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Along with those Mechs! Also are those PzHs?
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Die neue Wolfsschanze?
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Hm... eigentlich nicht. Heut zu Tage ist ja so ein Ort nicht so pratisch..
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oh fck i always forgot to draw artillery!
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I liked more tanks and transporters more than artellery...
OK, the cannons of ww1 looked cool with the steel plate...
But howitzers are not mine.  ^^°
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Oh I quite like it, as a matter of fact it gives some ideas.

Would you mind if I wrote a scene taking inspiration from this?

I'd of course link back to your stellar artwork and give full credit for the inspiration.
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Feel free to use. :) Would be cool to have a background story for this. :)

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Thank you, that you have written inspired by my pic. :)
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OK...NOW let's see if the neighbors dog can get in our yard! :D  I LOVE these mechs!!!! :wow:  Awesome!!!!! :clap: SPG mechs....sweet!!! :w00t:  Nicely done Shin, as always!!! 
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ha ha... only for dogs? bit too much. XD
Thanx! :D
Wonder what the defence is for?
Is anyone attacking or planning to attack or is it a war game practice?
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Hm... no story for. At least airspace fight is not possible... if not those defence lines are useless. XD
Ah I see. It's just a one off and there is no one to fight. Got it.
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The main blue haired super cute OC. They are just playing war games. lol at least in my head for this image.
Wait did I seriously just reply to your comment?
I don't know why this keeps happening this was supposed to be it's own comment.
But thanks for the reply. Will hide that comment but it will appear again soon.
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Lol. Yup you did.  I get people replying to my comments often, usually if i am the first to comment.
Heh oh boy sorry about that.
And hey glad I'm not the only one.
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Looks like it’s straight out of movie.  That would cool to enlarge and hang on a wall.
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