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I spent a decent amount of time on this one..and I thought I might as well submit it to the contest as well..The facial portions are more upfront in this, and prodominatly male. Higher res version of...blah if you're curious about this just check my gallery.

The only reason I take pride in this peace is because `exorist +Fav'd it, not only that but it was the version where I had done a half assed frame job.. `exorist has a marginable amount of atristic talent..so if he see's something here..there must be something worth while here..
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thats so cool, me want :P (Lick)
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goddamn i love symmetry, there seems to be so much depth in this piece, sucking me right in...thats what these are...optical traps! you start looking, and your eye flits from one portion to the nextLOL great bordering too...this is most definitely a +fav
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Thanks..symetry symetry symetry...Saying Symetry 20 times fast and it loses all meaning..

Yeah those bits were from a slightly differnt border design..i just sort of worked over top of it..recropped..and was too lazy to cover up the few pixle wide strips. If anyone else asks I'm just going to make up some deep meaningful reason for them..That'll be good.
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This is awesome.... I dunno if you meant this or not, but the white border is cut off in the top left corner. It's not really noticable, but it caught my eye for some reason. But now that I look again, the right corner is the same, so I guess it was on purpose. Great work!
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now this i really like! the detail in the center is amazing, very nice work :D (Big Grin)
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