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Do you Bite your Thumb at ME, sir?
The Paladin stands at the ready. Before him, the reason for his morning, afternoon and evening prayers, the root cause for mental and physical conditioning against temptation. Before him, back lit by rivers of flame, his antagonist stands. "Foul creature, ruiner of the meek and devourer of the weak. On this day before God and his creations, I will deal you a mortal blow!". Red fleshed, glowing orange eyes, horned, and clothed in noble finery the Fiend retorts "Zeal still blinds the foolish does it. Bear witness Paladin, this is the garden of Gomorrah, the only bounties here are those of the corrupt, and vile. And I am merely a farmer of these things, what of this pit reflects your God's busy hands?" The Paladin undeterred grips his weapon and takes a step forward. The Creature inhales deeply through it's nostrils and smiles, "Ah, a familiar scent. I was mistaken, what stands before me is not a lost soul, but a ripe harvest ready for the threshing." Red hot embers dance between the fien
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Whoops by Deablosf Whoops :icondeablosf:Deablosf 0 0
No room for martyrs
Your death will be quick and go unnoticed.
No weapons drawn in your name, No vows of retribution.
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Better than Lye
Kicking, scratching, screaming and biting; that's how they dragged in the new comer to this cathedral of kooky. Two guards strip the girl of her dignity and toss her naked frame onto the shower room floor as a third mans a hose. The sound of meat slapping against ceramic tiles trail under her roars as she scrambles to her feet to charge the guards. The security guards wait till she's close enough to see the filling in her teeth before turning on the hose. A jet stream of cold unforgiving water sends her to the back wall of the room. "I love the way they just, splat" the men snicker, amused by their own antics. They move in, pressing her  into a corner, the nude girl tries her best to block the skin pilling pressurized water with her hands and feet. The men lick there bright white maws while they ignore what could be gargled cries for mercy.
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Eat Drink and be Merry
Throwing his goblet into the fire place the towering warrior rises. His rage mirrored  in the flames as they feed off the alcoholic tonic. I am no hero! I am a murderer blessed to be born in this time of blood fueled greed. You and these commoners romanticize the death and gore of war, but you know nothing of it! You all go about telling each other tails of the triumphant hero's return home after defeating a faceless evil. And not once have you every thought that for every man that comes home to their families there are ten  who have lost their sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands. But why should any of us care, it's better they than we as it is said. So let the children play with the severed heads of the fallen and let their women be as our play things. For we are the consecrated conquerors baptizing all before us in flame!  The tempest in the eye of this mountain of a man begins to die down as his  composer returns. Pay me no mind and go back
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My job is grab disorder by the short hairs and beat it into submission. My baton of balance, shield of integrity and helmet of temperance is all I need to quail chaos into subservience. It is the power bestowed onto me that keeps you safe, it is with this power I keep these streets from turning into a river of blood and gore. Without me your fellow man would be picking your family dog out from between his teeth. I am the line in the sand, that separates you from self destruction.
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One shot by Deablosf One shot :icondeablosf:Deablosf 0 0
Mature content
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Faster than a speeding bullet by Deablosf Faster than a speeding bullet :icondeablosf:Deablosf 0 0
Is it worst it
My memory is always playing tricks on me. Every time I think of you all your flaws blemishes and mishaps seem to resemble nothing more than a little beauty marks on the Mona that is you. Hell even when I'm here with you, my feelings for you act as a sensory filter. Sifting out all those imperfections that I know will get to me later on. But I'd deal with all of it, All Of It, if you just let me know, we're still in this thing together.
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D Block blues
A small boy in manacles, torn clothes and urine soaked shorts is dragged down a
hallway, by two burly armed guards. The walls of the hallway are honeycombed
with cell doors of varying sizes. The doors ranged from just
large enough to fit a child to huge bolted double doors. The farther down the
hall they bring the boy tags, seals, and sigils adorn the walls. Their
walk leads them to the end of the hall, to a mutli tagged, sealed, steel dead
bolted door, with a puddle of clock-wise churning energy in the center of the
monolith like stone door.
The two men walk over to one of the larger glowing sigils and flipped over a
number of tags. The flow of energy reverses and the dead bolts slide out of
their slots. After forty seconds of clattering stone and steel the doors crack
letting out the pungent aroma of rot. The sound of stone scraping against itself,
scratches the boy's eardrums, as the doors contract and fold into
themselves, then into the wall.
Slumped over in the corner of the room
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Wanton Destruction
I'm burning your grand assortment of literature, why?
To make your people weaker, easier to manipulate, to conquer,
to control, to destroy. You see, Knowledge IS Power, and without it
you're doomed to a repeat the many mistakes history has been so
kind to highlight. You know, if I could, I'd tear the thoughts from
your dirty little synapses. But until science can catch up to my ungodly
thirst for wanton destruction, I'll have to settle for this.
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There is no such thing as strength, determination, or will, just different levels of masochism. What are you willing to do to yourself, in order to make you feel like it's worth waking up in this world. Some hate themselves so much that there willing to help others, to make their own well being just an after thought. What kind of horrors do you have to endure to be that self destructive.
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In Twane
Vision distorting waves of heat rise off the black top. Faded yellow lines stretch out from then to later, and from where I'm standing it looks as if these lines divide the world in two
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Half Iago, Half Fu Manchu, all bastard!

Current Residence: In the City where having a heart is not suggested
Favorite genre of music: Anything I can watusi to.
Favorite style of art: All
Operating System: I messed up and counted to 10!
MP3 player of choice: ... I lost it in a couch, far far away
Shell of choice: Shrimp, it's delish!
Wallpaper of choice: Three star hotel wallpaper
Skin of choice: Vulcanized Rubber!
Favorite cartoon character: Charlie Brown
Favorite Quote: "I've done a lot of things in my life that I'm not proud of...and the things I AM proud of, are disgusting"
Personal Quote: If you Don't laugh, you'll cry.
Are you good because you are or are you just doing what you've been told to do? I used to spend a large amount of time in front of the mirror when I was a child. Not for vanity's sake but to practice my facial expressions; because I knew I wasn't quite right. My lack of emotional reaction was starting to worry people, well people outside of my family. I could see it on people's faces, faces worried that what they are facing isn't, wasn't and will never be normal. So I worked on my facial expressions, then my verbal responses, learned to entertain with my reactions instead of actually feeling or reacting how I really felt. People then began to compliment me on being such a well mannered and spoken boy. Which lead to them wanting to talk to me more, which lead to creating more canned reactions. Social interactions became a chore, so like Huckleberry Finn I started avoiding them.

Some might wonder, why didn't I just tell someone how I felt? Well I didn't because I saw Frankenstein at a young age and thought the response of people finding out "I'm not normal" would be that of the towns folk in the story. Pinch forks and fire. And to this day one of my main fears is being on the wrong end of a angry mob. So back to the first line of this ... thing, acting or being good. Now that I'm older, I can't tell if I'm a good person or just a cobbled together amalgam trying it's best to not draw attention to it's self
  • Listening to: david bowie valentine's day
  • Reading: Count Of Cristo (still on the second chapter!)
  • Watching: Powers
  • Playing: Game developer
  • Eating: brownies!!!!!!
  • Drinking: Water


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