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I've started to move towards doing photography recently, so haven't submitted much by way of illustrations for a while. You can find my photography account here-…
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"Girls who wear glasses never get passes", true or false, people?

As a glasses wearer of more than 15 years, I would have to sadly say this is true. Whilst there are a few people who find glasses sexy, from my own experience, glasses have the same effect on the opposite sex as a habit (and no, not the pvc kind). When you remove them, suddenly you become visible, although I do think the style of glasses matters (mine are rather chunky angular affairs that make me look very severe apparently). Now, this probably isn't true for women like this:… , and for some others, but for the rest of us mortals it probably is. Why is it that in a film, when the intellectual heroine remove her glasses then BLAM, she's suddenly gorgeous?

Now, I think this is true only for girls, since I've never heard a girl object to a guy because he is a member of the spectacle wearing class. However, I could be wrong, and I can't say for same-sex relationships- so has anyone got any thoughts or views on this, because I'm very curious to find out what everyone else thinks!
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Can I recommend, for anyone who loves metal, or is just interested, or whatever, go have a look at this documentary. It's very well made, and informative, and you're missing out if you haven't seen it:…
Also attached to the video was this article:…
Personally, I think it might be a bit rubbish, although nice to hear, as a metal lover! I'm interested in what other people think. Do more intelligent kids gravitate towards darker or heavier sounding music?
Please let me know your opinions, of the article and of the documentary.
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Ignore this journal post, its just my art essay...I lost my USB and need to transfer it from one computer to another :) :

James Jean- Transcending Distinctions

When interviewed recently for his Covers book, and asked the question "Are you a fine artist, a designer , or an illustrator, or maybe even a storyteller?" James replied, "These distinctions don't really matter, I'm merely an artist." This refusal to define himself has helped to make James the diverse and popular illustrator he is today.

James Jean is an artist who has achieved what is rare in the field of illustration; seeming overnight success, especially considering he has only just turned thirty. James Jean is a remarkable figure in the comic book world because aside from his famous comic book covers he has also managed to gain renown in the world at large, creating work for the likes of Prada and Nike. However, the work for which he is still best known is his covers run on the comic series Fables, which brought him to the attention of the wider art world. It is a comic which charts the lives of a collection of famous and infamous fairy-tale and folklore characters in New York City. I first discovered James' Fables cover work in an anthology of science fiction and fantastical artwork, otherwise known as Spectrum, which runs every year. I was attracted by his often subtle use of colouring and soft line work in an area of art which normally attracts bright colours and clean, sharp edges, and became interested enough to research his work further.

In many ways, James Jean could be considered more of a fine artist than a comic book illustrator. He has said that "In general, I'm influenced by many different sources, from Shanghai advertising posters to Russian Constructivist collages."  Some of his work, such as the first five Fables covers, are entirely composed in oils, and even his digital pieces are often based on charcoal and chalk drawings. These oil paintings, however, are composed in a way which is very illustrative, containing elements of the story within the comic, characters and symbolism. James Jean cites artists like Hokusai as influences, although he has been influenced by and influences a number of other illustrators, particularly in the fantastical art field. Jon Foster is one such artist, he shares James' love of fine detail and soft line work, although his palette is often considerably more vibrant. Although it appears that he has influenced James Jean due to the fact that he is considerably older than him, he has admitted in to being influenced by James. Unlike James, he uses only digital media, whereas James skilfully combines the two, sometimes creating digital pieces, sometimes creating traditional painted pieces and sometimes combining the two, which can be seen as a further extension of his love of dabbling in both illustration and fine art. He does this effortlessly, so sometimes you cannot even see where the traditional media ends and the digital media begins. This blending of media is effectively demonstrated in the piece Fables No. 10- Animal Farm. The figure itself is painted in oils, as is the head of the pig, whereas the chair she sits on is digital, as is the frame around the axe man and the orderly's hands. It is this blending of media that allows James to switch between being a fine artist, an illustrator and a designer, in a way that many other illustrators are unable to. He does not allow himself to be pigeonholed.

Some other artists have argued that you cannot switch between fields in this way, that although you may dabble in different areas, you will always be more comfortable in one. Others, such as illustrator Greg Manchess have stated that you learn certain skills by being trained in the particular field, in this case illustration, which assist you in it, such as the ability to work to a brief. He originally wanted to be a fine artist, but found that he learnt considerably more skills and advanced his artwork by being trained in the field of illustration. This would tend to suggest that switching between fields, e.g. fine art to illustration, is harder than it may appear.
Some of James's work, such as his sketchbook Process Recess, tend towards the more fine art area of the spectrum, whereas some of his other comic covers, such as Batgirl tend more towards illustration. However, even this distinction is not particularly strong, as many of his Fables pieces, which are more illustrative, have been featured in fine art galleries, alongside other fine artists. James Jean's work has attracted very little criticism from other artists and fans alike, with most tending to applaud him for his unique style. He has come under a little criticism for tending towards a slightly anime style of working which some consider incompatible with the very Westernised style of the interior artwork of comics like Fables and Batgirl, which can be seen as linking him more towards illustrators than fine artists. However, his style is not classic Japanese manga comic style but his own, unique, interpretation of it.

James Jean is a remarkable artist who has demonstrated that it is possible to transcend the traditional distinctions between fine art, illustration and design. Previously it was thought that the disciplines were very distinct, but James has become one of the few people who have begun in recent years to become a truly multi-disciplined artist. By refusing to define himself in this way he has increased the audience for his artwork and the number of vehicles for his work, not merely restricted to galleries or comic covers. Researching this essay has changed the way I view my art. Through looking at James' work and the work of artists he has been influenced by and who he has influenced, I have come to see that I do not need to be so concerned with defining myself purely as an illustrator or a fine artist, but can create work which is either or even both.


Book: (2008) J. Jean and B. Willingham. Fables- Covers by James Jean. New York: Vertigo/DC Comics.

Video download: Massive Black DVD Download. Gregory Manchess- "Above the Timberline". Massive Black. Available from World Wide Web:…

Podcast: SideBar Episode 46 (2008). Interview with James Jean. USA: SideBar Nation. May 1st 2008 (Podcast).

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Podcast: SideBar Episode 33 (2008). Interview with Jon Foster Part 1. USA: SideBar Nation. February 17th 2008 (Podcast).

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Book: A. & C. Fenner. (2006) Spectrum 14- The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. Nevada: Underwood Books. Pg 85,98, 138.
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I had this debate (well, maybe more of a toned down argument ;) ), with one of my art teachers today about messages in art and interpreting art. I said that I only liked pieces of artwork if I could see some meaning, message or something behind it...if I could see that there was more to a piece than it just being a pretty picture or a random collection of marks on paper.
What does everyone else think? Does a piece of art have to have a story to be good?
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Last weekend, a friend of mine: :iconkimi-kaya: and I visited Nunhead graveyard. It's a massive site, but apparently not many people have heard of it. If you like old stuff and live in London, you should go. Just try to put the thought of walking on hundreds of dead people out of your mind. I did a bit of plein-air painting, and every dog that walked past headed straight for me....must have been the smell of the paint or something.

My friend and I were both dressed in head to toe black, people kept on looking at us a bit oddly, they must have thought we were there to conduct a satanic ritual or something....

I'll try and post my painting sometime in the near future.
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In tribute to Obama's inauguration, I thought I'd put down the top five Bushisms I read recently...

"....the past is behind us"

"I remember meeting a mother of a child who was abducted by the North Koreans right here in the Oval Office."

"Oftentimes people ask me, 'Why is it that you're so focused on helping the hungry and diseased in strange parts of the world?'"

"My job is a decision-making job, and as a result, I make a lot of decisions."

"Those who enter the country illegally violate the law."

If anything made Bush's presidency bearable it was his ability to say things which convinced most of the world they could do the job better than him....

Commission status- Open
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I hate school work....can't wait to leave at the end of this year. When I'm on holiday I hate thinking I have to go back....I just want to sit at home and read and paint all day.

I don't think I'm the only person who feels this way though.
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Has anyone got some tips for photographing oil paintings, as I always end up with weird shiny bits, and the photo looks nowhere near as good as the original. Please help!

Speaking of photographers, can I recommend you visit here: , I went to his studio in Italy when I was on holiday, he's really nice and his photography is inspirational.
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I've just been off for a couple of weeks visiting Italy. I have to say, it's a brilliant country, but maybe not so great for me, seeing as I'm allergic to the sun.
I'm probably the only person who can go to Italy in the middle of summer and come back as pale as I went.

The leaning tower is worth a look though.....if you're thinking of going.....and the food's nice.
The holiday was also overshadowed by the dread of the upcoming As level results.


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"As the Olympic torch approaches China for its momentous entry into the Olympic stadium, the stage is overshadowed by China's deteriorating human rights situation. This deterioration is happening not just despite the Olympics, but because of the Olympics.

Time is running out before the start of the Olympic Games. The Chinese authorities are not keeping their promises to improve human rights before the Olympics start.

Amnesty International is mobilising globally to press for substantial reforms in four key areas:

The death penalty
Punitive detention without trial and the prevention of torture
Human rights defenders
Unwarranted censorship of the internet
Protect the Human- Campaign for human rights in China." Amnesty International.…


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I finally uploaded some stuff after a long break...and hopefully the next gap won't be as long...I'm working on my A level art stuff at the moment, hence why I don't have a lot of time, and I'm working on an acrylic piece, but hopefully I'll still get to come on here and comment more.

To people who commented on my work recently....thank you!
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I was just thinking about the errors in Harry Potter, I'm really picky like that, and came up with a list of them:
1) How come they don't sing the school song after the first year?
2) How come they don't have any broomstick lessons after the first year?
3) If Quirrell had only been at Hogwarts one year, because of the thing L Voldemort did so no D of the DA teacher stayed more than one year, how come Hagrid knows all about his teaching methods?
4) Why are there so few students in each year? Surely there must be more than 10 magical people born each year in Britain?
I will update this list when I remember the rest....
Please, if you have time while I'm on holiday, go and have a look at my friend Ali's stuff she's just got a graphics tablet, and is trying out some new digital stuff, which is amazing, I am so jealous!
Anyway, go have a look if you can...
Go and have a look at this artist, Stephanie Pui-Min Law, if you have'nt seen her stuff already, it is so goddamn beautiful.
I need opinions on what I should do next, as a really big project thingy:
1) Carry on with the faerie thing, do a winter, spring and summer faerie as well.
2) Enter a random competition just for the hell of it.
3) Paint whatever comes into my head, and start a series of pictures without getting bored after the first one.
4) Try drinking paint water, and see if that gets my creative juices flowing.
Please vote now.
Moving house, moving house, moving house....
Yeesh, don't get me started on backgrounds....they make the picture look all shiny and pretty and finished, but God are they boring! I should really get paintshop or something....but then I guess I'd still have loads of backgroundless pictures littered around my house....

I'd like to think about doing a competition or something soon, and offer a dvd and/or one of my drawings as a prize (You would probably get the drawing sent to you by post or something, unless you lived in somewhere like Alaska or the Sahara....), but I'd like to know how many people would actually be interested. Please tell me.
These last 2 weeks I just couldn't seem to draw. I just had no inspiration, and couldn't be bothered to pick up a pencil. Well, now I'm really happy, because I just started drawing last night, and produced a picture that I'm pretty happy with. So, happy days! Oh, and Merry Christmas to all my friends on Deviantart!
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Ok, so black-dragon-lucifer tagged me, so Ive got to put this in:

(name of first pet + street you live on):
Boris Abbeville (Oh Jesus. I was four when we had that cat, I did'nt name it. This is going to be a long list....)

(grandmother's/father's first name + favorite snack):
Chui-Sim Olives (Oh, that really rolls off the tongue.)

(first word you see on your left + favorite restaurant):
Season Dragon (Well, could be worse.)

(silliest childhood nickname + first town where you partied):
Wizzy the Witch Dulwich.....(Heh, heh.....oh great.....)

(favorite animal + name of high school):
Otter Jags. (Sounds like an American Baseballer.)

(last snack food you ate + your favorite drink):
Choc chip cookie Innocent Smoothie (Now that's just WRONG.)

(middle name + city where you were born):
Jane London.....

(favorite candy + favorite musician's last name):
Peanut Butter Cups Lee. Ahem.

(name of [opposite sex] friend + cell phone company you use):
Jay BT.

(first 3 letters of your last name + last 3 letters of mother's maiden name):
Parche. (I think thats the best so far.)

Ok, so now.....I tag xXlaurXx and Grievy, to spread the misery.
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