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Hi. My name is Dea Vesta and this is my page of DeviantArt. deviantART 
I am cosplayer from Russia. Also I love Adobe Photoshop and photography.
Cosplay is my hobby since 2013. I work in adobe photoshop since 2010 and started taking pictures from last year.
Welcome to my little world.Woohooooo! 

Bullet; Black Photos of my cosplay I posted in this album
Point Right Point Right Point Right  My cosplay
Bullet; Black My digital art and
photomanipulation I posted in this album Point Right Point Right Point Right  My digital art
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My work as a photographer I posted in this album Point Right Point Right Point Right  My photo

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These albums are not stock! You can not use these photos! Post Above Post Above
        Stock Rules by Dea-Vesta

 Bullet; Black My stock
I posted in this album Point Right Point Right Point Right My Stock
 Post Above Post Above Post Above Post Above Post Above    ONLY this album   Post Above Post Above Post Above Post Above Post Above
        Stock Rules by Dea-Vesta
Bullet; Black You may not not sell or redistribute any of the materials you download. All documents are protected by copyright.
Bullet; Black Credit me if you have used any of my stock
Bullet; Black Please, include a link to my DeviantArt profile - Dea-Vesta
Bullet; Black Stock may be used on DA or on other Sites, always with link to my account
Bullet; Black Stock is to be used for manipulations or also as reference for drawings/paintings, always with credit
Bullet; Black Please show me the final results. I like to see how my stock is being used.
Bullet; Black Non-commercial use only!
Bullet; Black You are not allowed to create new stock using my stock.
Bullet; Black In case of publication of your work in magazines, you also need to credit my account
Bullet; Black No racism, political, pornography or abuse in any way
Bullet; Black However slight edits/colour overlays cropping etc do NOT count as a manipulation..the original image has to be altered
Bullet; Black
Be creative

I want to say thank you to all of the artists out there who follow my rules and create beautiful work with my stock. I also really appreciate everyone who supports my work in general. If you see a rule violation please let me know. I'm happy to provide stock and will continue to do so as long as people respect my rules. Thanks and enjoy!

Bullet; Black For commercial use MUST contact me for permission.
Bullet; Black If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

If you like my work or my stock and you want to support me:
Bullet; Red Comment OMG MOAR POEMS! 
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© 2015 - 2022 Dea-Vesta
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Do you have a facebook page profile so I can credit you there also?