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Hair Tutorial
Hair Tutorial Part 2
how to create ice
Black-Wings way of doing Nature's elements
Twisted Metal, Contorted Nature VIII 2/2
Twisted Metal, Contorted Nature VIII - The Fall of the God 2/2 In the morning, Terra still felt Kefka's safe arms around her. She smiled; she had never woken up in anyone's arms, and even if the owner of these arms was Kefka, it did nothing to spoil her mood. In her mind she returned to the previous night, still feeling the relief her friends' promise had given her, but more vividly than anything, she re-lived the burning hot kiss she had gotten from Kefka. Though his hands had explored around her body too wildly to her comfort, he had left her alone when she had asked him to. Aside from that, he had stayed with her the whole night; she had
Twisted Metal, Contorted Nature VIII 1/2
Twisted Metal, Contorted Nature VIII – The Fall of the God 1/2 The sun had begun its descent. Terra swept the last few drops of plain noodle soup off her lips and laid the bowl back by the fireplace. Though unseasoned noodles were definitely not amongst her favourite dishes, Kefka had made it perfectly clear that was all there was. The smell of food, on the whole, made him sick and he had so far found out he could only consume plain noodles and black tea without regurgitating. And even then he ate only if he had to. After pestering him about it the whole day, Terra had found out that the infusion had almost completely re-wired his bra
Twisted Metal, Contorted Nature VII
Twisted Metal, Contorted Nature VII – Phantom pain Terra awoke from her dream well into the night. She heard raindrops drumming the window of Kefka's chamber and opened her eyes to scan her surroundings. She had found it weird that Kefka had given his bed to her use and had therefore anticipated some nasty surprise in the middle of the night, but in the wide bed there was no one beside her. She rolled on her back and took in all the luxury the bed had to offer. She had never slept in such an extravagant bed; not even the guest beds of the Neo-Vector palace came close to this. Let them say about Kefka what they wanted, but he sure had
Twisted Metal, Contorted Nature VI
Twisted Metal, Contorted Nature VI – The enemy of the enemy Terra slept restlessly like a dog for a few hours on the sofa of Trameo's mayor couple before slipping silently out through the village gates and headed east, towards the twilight of the rising sun. It was a chilly autumn morning and the village road was quiet. The incidents of the previous night seemed only a distant nightmare, but the smell of smoke that had attached itself to Terra's clothes bore witness. She walked fast, one hand clenching the handle of the sword that hung off her belt and another one pressing Kefka's cape towards her chest. It was absurd how reassured it
FinalFantasy - Not your decision, Kadaj
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yuo are welcome^^
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Hi. Nice to meet you, and thank you so much for your support on my piece.
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Nice to meet you too. You're welcome ;)
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