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:raincloud: revamp

Revamp of :raincloud:

EDIT: =Mrichston Suggested that I only put yellow at the bottom of the cloud EDIT: =Mrichston Suggested that I make the rain alittle more transparent
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Maybe you could make some water slide off his head? :)
Just some thought.
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Love this one so much more <3
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You're gonna zap your little man there. D=
Electromechanical's avatar
The colors and shades look very nice. I'm also quite fond of how the rain looks, too, it's very smooth. :ahoy: Great revamp!
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:+fav: Just about says it.
diamond281's avatar
I like, I like :nod:
WorldOfIllusion's avatar
Looks great, the lightning looks so cool!
LadyTigerLiLy's avatar
Oh, I like the lightning in the clouds! =D
atikam's avatar
when it flashes, there should be some yellow on the emoticon too
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Maybe I'm blind...
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What if the lighting just fried his head? XD That'd be funneh.
djSeragaki's avatar
You sure do a lot of those. nice

/is lazy
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Nice work, only you can barely see his eyes. But other then that good job
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:nod: I gotta change that
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WAAY better than original!
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awwwwwwww how sad . i wish i can help that poor liitle emote :boing:
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You could try that only lightning would only flash in bottom of cloud part like in my avatar.

You could make rain little bit transparent, so it would look more realistic on emote guy. It shouldn't affect rest of emote, if you have matte color set to none when optimizing.
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:nod: Yeah I should do that
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Wow what a revamp! It's like a super-duper-revamp :p

I like the shading
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