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:omg: revamp

:omg: + :jawdrop: = THIS! its a revamp of 2 in 1!!!!
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They should use this one.
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this looks like a pez container, LOL!!! :D
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I think I personally like :omg: better.
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Without a doubt a much better "omg".
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I wish this was an :omg:
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haha cool idea i like it, nice job ^^
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Dude, thats insaneely awesome!!!

I really like his look on his face...
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Hah you should've made the jaw drop then made the emote shake a little.
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The bottom of the jaw is really flat, and it bugs me a bit. But other than that, good job!
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Yeah I was trying to fix it but i couldnt do it =( but thanks =)
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love the shading, but the jaw seems a bit off, it might just be me, but idk. Looks great otherwise
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:nod: i couldnt really get around that
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Man, these really need to go into the dA emote list!!
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XD i never noticed that
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looks like a PEZ despenser

YEAH 1st comment!!!!!!!!
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it's like a greek column
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