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:+fav: revamp

Hand shaded and I added a shiny shine and a pulsing plus!

=Hito-Nau suggested that i make the plus outline orange and the star outline darker and it looks great!
Thanks ^.^
=arrioch suggested that i make it a little more darker, looks alot better!
=Droneguard suggested that I make a bigger frame delay, also i made the plus bigger!
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Nice revamp! And the suggestions certainly helped a lot!
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Very nice and slick. Very nicely done re-vamp :clap:
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Simple but great!
Is there any way I could use it in comments like this vs :+fav:?

Thanks and
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Is this one on the dA Emotions chart?
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Definetly better then the original :clap:
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It's good... (how many ways can this be revamped :D) small suggestion, put a break in between, that nothing happens for about 3 seconds... then resume (NYK goes Whaaaaaa! another suggestion :O)
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i see what you mean, lol sure ill do it, i just have to finish this :+favlove: emote
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the pulsing plus is a great part!
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I likes it! It's all shiny
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Really nice, i like how the + pops up..
However, i think that the star would look much better, if darkened a bit, with outline like the plus..
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Better than the original 8D

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ooh... shiny :D
i like this one a lot better than the old :+fav:

you should remake the heart one, too: :+favlove:

and :+devwatch:!
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I was thinking of doing that :plotting:
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Ooh, you could do it so it looks like the heart is beating! :D That'd be so nifty!
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Oh, yeah that would make it better!
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Ooh, I really like the animated + sign! I prefer this to the old :+fav:, definitely. :)
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This is WAY better than the original, good job DM~! ^^
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