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If you're not sure what this is, it's a creeper or an Exploding Penis(i). Found in Minecraft, if they come within 1 square of you they explode in your face. They're so annoying and don't die because they got annoyingly high health AND they blend into the background because they're green and it's dark out when you see them. D:
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When a creeper tries to blow up your house.
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love it do more
like an endermen
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Watch out! He's gonna explode. LoL
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You can even ignite them with flint and steel. But, we can call it as manual blast.
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Too bad none of this :below: was probably in Minecraft back in '10

Creepers don't have that much health. You just only get like one second to kill them.

How to beat Creeper with a sword on Hard:
METHOD A: Dash attack. Knockback FTW.
METHOD B: Ride a Horse. Then you can run right over them before they get to blow up. >:3
METHOD C: Gotta have a Diamond Sword with Sharpness II or an iron one with Sharpness III. Otherwise, the only one dead will be YOU if you try this! 
METHOD D: Punch them instead and die. :explosion: :XD:
:punchshoryuken: :iconmccreeperplz::iconexplosionplz:
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or hit them and run back while theyre getting ready to explode
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That doesn't work on Hard though. I always play on Hard, and on Hard you have to use the dash attack to knock them back far enough that they won't explode. :la:
But then maybe you actually CAN do that if you hit them and then dash away, but I never got that to work on Hard.
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they dont stop while charging up?
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Yes, but in order to stop them from exploding you have to get, like, 7 blocks away from them, and they start their fuse when they get to one block. So if you walk up to one and hit it, it's one block away and you get closer than that and knock it back one block. Then you have to turn around and run five blocks. You have 1.5 seconds to do all that. You won't make it.
But if you dash attack them you come in really fast and knock them back at least 5 blocks, then you have one and a half seconds to back up less than two blocks. That stops 'em. 8-)
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why dont you just walk backwards when it stops
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