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Spilt Coffee

Happen to me twice :no: First time my cousin did it (More than half a bottle of water) then the second someone else did it :CC But my mac is still alive! And working fine! :#1:

BUT whats funky is that macs are the most venerable computers out there! Sure they have GREAT security on the net but physical... :no:
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My fav emoticon. I use it when describing my feelings towards. FNf4. (Ignoring the actual coffee.)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YES! I am a dummy! Five Nights at Freddy's is done! The series is finally over!!!:happybounce: 

I is over, right?:iconnervous-laughplz: 

Wait-...WHAT?! OMG SHOCK. 

I gotta look into this more...Computer Mash  ...I mean, they've had three already, right? It's not like they could be making anoth- Spilt Coffee 

...:headsmash: I'm gonna kill myself 
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My sister spilt her coffee on mine! A full cup of hot coffee!
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Oh god I can't breathe :rofl: This is just perfect! :rofl: I love the last ground-fist at the end, it's awesome! :rofl:
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i remember this happened to MuskyMudkipz in a cops n robbers episode
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I just cracked up when I saw that last futile fist-pound he does at the end.
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that totally happened to me once.
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Y'know, my friend just emailed me this emote with the caption: "This is how I picture you in ten years after your writing career takes off, on Wednesday evenings around, let's say, quarter past eleven." My evening was made. Thank you for the giggles.
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i threw juice on my computer and it never work so we got a new computer
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haha, omg my brother once knocked over his beer on my laptop, this was totally my reaction. my dell laptop survived fortunately.^^;
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I've not spilt liquid on my computer before, but my nephew has spit tea onto it. :P So I can understand the feeling. XD
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I so feel for that little emote (and you) ;__;
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:happybounce: Just so you know, this piece has been featured in Random Emote Awesomeness - Volume 13.
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Hello there,

Your emote has been featured here [link]

Have a nice day.
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:rofl: I murdered my grandpa's laptop a few years back that way, only with pop :lmao:
:ninja: I lied to him and told him it was water though.
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This made me laugh:lmao:Poor little emote.XD
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Featured in my journal! [link] :iconcheerplz:
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for some reason, when the emot starts screaming, i hear Scrat, from Ice Age, doing his little ninja cry.

XD that would so be me, though. awesome job.
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Happend to me 2 days ago with tea.. xD
My laptop didn't survive.. :(
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Happened to me once. Killed my mac. (It was resurrected later, but I had some hard time.) And I still don't know who did it, and what it was... It certainly didn't resemble water by the time I discovered something strange growing inside the computer. XD
Now I take special care to keep every fluid FAR from the puter. Including people holding glasses. Never again. :[

:+fav:, btw. Great animation.
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:lmao: So true, liquids always seem to fly towards your keyboard when spilled. D: But this made me giggle so much; it's so awesome. Great job :D :+fav:
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It would be awesome with sound...I would love to hear the poor thing get the frustration out. :typerhappy:
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OMG that's just too funny!=D
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