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I'm alittle tired... :bucktooth:
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It's so cute! it reminds me of kirby! :heart:
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very cute! A definate form of fantastic art.
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aww its to cute ^-^

lil snot buble AWWWWWWW XD
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I wish I was allowed to sleep peacefully like that. D: People keep waking me up to get the cat out of the gutter. D: We still don't know how it gets up there.
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Lol how do cats get in gutters?!
DesiusNutsius's avatar
apparently they climb out of windows. :P
Stemoticon's avatar
Somebody should poke in that nose of him
de-Mote's avatar
Lol seein pop :giggle:
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looks like the sleeping animation for kirby...
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D: I wouldnt have known that, Ive never played kirby before
world-in-flames's avatar
aww... you should! it's awesome >w<
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This is how I feel right now... :sleep:
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you should make one when that emote sleeps and a person comes by im and pops his snot bubble and splatters on em lol :D
DiabulusInMusica's avatar
Sleep is for the weak! But I am weak :D
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looks like its gotta bogy :iconimhappyplz:
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Indeed it does :iconurhappyplz:
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lol, very nice :nod:

I dig the shininess of this all, as well as the excellent translucency in the bubble :heart:
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