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Muffin Tiem


The muffin you love! NOW in a portable version! WOO!

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Muffin: Hey Joey, wanna eat me?
Joey: No thanks, Mr. Muffin.
Muffin: But I wanna die!
bigmushunderstanding's avatar
why does god want me to lick my computer?
Viv1dFlame's avatar
*takes it then eats it* wut
Jinxedx's avatar
I wonder if it would work as a plz account .3.
dancingmuffinplz < lol
Gwynnie-chan's avatar
cuute :heart: (but i'm hungry now ._.)
26darkgrace's avatar
me ... (!.!) muffin me <3
x3AmyTheArtist's avatar
can i use for swomething? Ill give credit
cornycat's avatar
hahahahahahahahahahhaha.....AHAHAHAHAHA i LOVE this!!!!
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This, is like, the most amazing/adorable muffin-based emoticon ever. O_O lol
pwned-by-twilight's avatar
For some reason, this emote makes me want to play cave story.
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I wish my muffins danced... *sigh*
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WOW, This is soooooo cute x
Dani-musicc's avatar
that is the cutest thing in the world, haha ^^
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omg i love this muffin!! ahh!! he rox! luuuv it! :D :D :D :D :D :D
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miizzqueen's avatar
PuffinMuffin9's avatar
OMG!!! can i use this as a avatar??? plzzzzz!!!!

sugar-pantalones's avatar
This reminds me of the waffle song by scrubs. XD
DeviantNelle's avatar
Do the muffin dance!
DragonFlyTears's avatar
i want it to be my best friend!!!! :clap:
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Yaaay!:heart: Muffin!!!:iconmuffinplz:
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