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HA I'm Copyright Protected

This is for all of you who want to protect your art, put this in your journal to be certified you have copyright protection on your art!

This has so far happened to me =Droneguard and ALL other emoticonists with the little incident with the forum site that was using atleast one of each emoticonist on dA

:salute:PROTECT YOUR ART:salute:

OMFG this is on the front Popular page of dA! WOW!
And if you love emoticons get the emotijournal! by =Nol888 [link]

EDIT: I changed the animation, the flow, the color tint, the shading, and protection shield.

If you would like to see the original on my account go here -> [link]
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I don't steal art, either.

I decided to create a series of collages in memory of Chester Bennington, and I took the time to write down 121 names and mention them in a journal asking for permission.

Maybe that's why a lot of them said "yes".
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Actually it's not your art if you post it on here, because it says right in DA's submission rules and regulations that it becomes their intellectual property.
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I don't steal anyone's work at all. Even if I do replied something from someone else I get permission first. For the people who just steal art without permission on the other hand is a much different story
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Agreed. If I have to use a base, I always check to see what the rules are for using it.
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If DA wants to use it I would be flattered but they should get permission FIRST! And if the artist says no, then thats it.
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When you submit to deviantart, you give them permission to use it, without notice. If you don't want this to happen, don't submit.
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(Nice necro)

Well that's true, probably some shit-o in the T&C.

If you don't like, just put an obnoxious watermark in the middle! Just like everyone else around here. :D
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Going to use :) Thank you
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well that why people sign the there art, so who try to stell artist work people will who sees it knows the true artist. not trying to start a fight or anything :(
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Okay, obvious copying of another's work as your own is in very poor taste, and if you actually claim it to be your original work when it isn't or make money off of it then that is indeed copyright infringement and illegal. But all artists begin their craft by copying other artists—it's how you get better, it's how you develop your own unique individual style, so to attack others for doing precisely that, especially when they don't try and sell the pictures or claim ownership of them, is utterly ridiculous.
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Copyright is not the same as right of ownership. You can read more about it here!…
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I shall use this beautiful work
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Oc: Artist, are you sure this will work?!
Artist: I have no idea! *gets out keyboard*
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copyright is badUwouldnt like me when Im angry 
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