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Fella Go Boom

By de-Mote
Fella go boom boom! :ohnoes:

Thanks to `brokenboulevard for the help on speeds and animation

Explosion based on: [link]
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mysery solved!
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Noooo don't blow up Fella :icononiontantrumplz:
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Kaboom :D love it :P lol its like a wallking bomb :P
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that's was awesome!! love how he just flew off :lmao:
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Awesome explosion.
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I love the way his head splomoshes off the screen!
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Nice explosion! But you killed fella :ohnoes:
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But he regenerates
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Ah but what if i close the page before he can?? :ohnoes:
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Uhh you win! :lol:
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Explosion looks fantastic, awesome work! :)
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looks liek my explosions :paranoid: [link]
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We both we fireworks :paranoid: Yes I know its similar :no:
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Hey at least I didn't copy and paste your explosion
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its bigger tho =P

i think yous a good teacher xD
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now.. TEACH meh !! \o/ (oO)__b plz
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