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Beware of HOMEWORK

Me and ~Ravyn1078 were talking on AIM and I told her I had lot of HW and she tried to shoot it! BUT IT KEPT COMING BACK!!! I got a little lazy with this one :blush: So there's some places where it might not make you happy :lol:

Time Took: About 2 hours
Frames: 98
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what teachers dont understand about homework
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i can so totally relate!!
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homework is evul!!! i tried starting my japanese work and i opened the book and it gave me a papercut :c
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PERFECT I HATE HOMEWORK! that deserves a fav
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i agree i want to burn homework....but i cant... darn XD :lol:
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:giggle: Gimme a lazer, I'll handle it!8D
MiniKishyPenguins's avatar
hmm. plz account XD :iconevilhomework:
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Oh yeah..homework is immortal...I wanna do that to my homework too!Nice job by the way.
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Die homework! DIE!!!
Then pace will return ... :devilish:
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That's SO me right now! :D
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i wish i cud do that but all my hw has me surrounded and if i shoot they all kill me :( . anyway definitely :+fav: its hilarious lol
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There are so many times when I wish I could do that to my homework...
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Just sending a little note to let you know i have featured this deviation in my journal at this> [link] as part of my Halloween Features. If you would like me to remove this deviation from my journal jus let me know and i will remove it.
Thanks so much for the lovely deviation!!!
:heart: --Gretch
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Thanks so much :lol:
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You're welcome :)
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That's what I'll do to my homework.
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I need a homework-shooting laser gun...
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that's pretty much how i was feeling last week... -_-
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*chants* Down with homework! *chants*:+fav:
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