Linux is better than Windows 10.

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1. If you have switched to Windows 10 on a Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 computer, in many cases, you may be able to perform the same tasks more slowly on the same computer.
Most of the time, the problem is solved by adding parts to the computer or replacing a complete computer.

2. Windows 10 user interface.
With the appearance of Windows 10, I did not really like it.
We may try to duplicate or shape it, but the final result will still not be what we really want to get. In contrast, most Linux systems are able to personalize to the smallest detail so that we can work on a more spectacular and convenient interface.

Windows 10 occupies too much hard disk space.
Regardless of whether Linux is a relatively large disk space after installing a basic Windows 10 system, there is hardly any application or service that would justify this. One of the best examples of how to install a Ubuntu Linux or Linux Mint if you're approaching a Windows 10 system can still say that after installing the Linux system, you can start the Office program, for example.

3. Linux is free.
In most cases, Microsoft is asking for money to legally use one of the versions of Windows on our PC. The Linux system - and most of the software packages available - are completely free and open source.

4. Most Linux applications are available for free.
As mentioned in Section 3, most of the software packages available on Linux are freely available. Additionally, it is enough to start Linux's built-in package manager, such as Synaptic, where you can see them categorized.

5. Security.
For Windows, there are a lot of pest software on a daily basis, which fortunately can not be harmed on Linux systems.
Because linux is writing better attacking viruses like the SQL injection tool.

6. Confidentiality of our data.
During Windows 10, you can notice how much personal information we are trying to "get" by default. Linux does not collect these data.

7. Updates.
One of the most widespread features of Windows systems is the slow and unstable functioning of the Windows Update system even on modern computers. Who would not have met this screen yet?
"Installing Updates 1/356 ..."
Meanwhile, the computer is completely useless as it is just a blue backdrop. Disrupting this is of course not recommended by the system, so we are forced to wait hours to complete the updates. On the other hand, Linux will even download and install large amount of update packages sooner, while the computer can still be used. In many cases, even a restart of the computer is not required to complete the updates.

8. Finally, the aid.
Microsoft gives dozens of documentation to users, but in most cases, everyone is in the professional forums. The truth is that in exchange for the price of Windows, this is not really what you expect. We can get this kind of support from the Linux system free of charge. :)

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