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Too Tough for You? Or Not Enough?

Colored Vector Art - Test

DDCPJ - Mystery Orb of Power

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Silverstar Sprite test 2 WIP

Silverstar Sprite Test

Pretend Silverstar Movie

MBP Desktop 5-23-09

Fight On Megaman

Arnok Dino - Sketch 4

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Too Tough for You? Or Not Enough?

Colored Vector Art - Test

DDCPJ - Mystery Orb of Power

Silverstar Relaxing FixedColor

ART TRADE - Leigh of Light

Kree Customized DD Style

Geo the Lizard - Mixed styled

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Silver Star Chao

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Tetra firin' her cannon

Early B-Day Drawing-Tetra

Fire Dragon


Sonic and Shadow

Monsturra for Jake

mudkipsmon, go

Sandwiches and Buffness


MBP Desktop 5-23-09

Artist // Hobbyist // Other
Super Llama: Llamas are awesome! (36)
I've seen it: It's Coming -- Stay Tuned!
My Bio
Favorite genre of music: Video Game music, Techno (a little bit), and some other music that may seem interesting. ^^

Favourite style of art: Many types...

Operating Systems:
1) macOS 10.12.3, MacBook Pro Intel Quad Core i7 2.6 GHz (Can turbo boost to 3.6 GHz) With GeForce 650m 1GB VRam, Plus 16GB of ram (Adobe products eat ram for lunch), w/superdrive,

2) Custom built PC Quad Core AMD at 3.2 GHz with 8 Gigs of 1600MHz RAM and on a 250GB SSD Crucial drive running 64-bit Windows 7, games installed on a 2 TB Drive, With a GeForce GTX 950 2GB of VRam.

3) Every other system either running some form of Windows or some form of Mac OS X (or known as macOS).

Music player of choice: Mac: iTunes or QuickTime. PC: Winamp/Windows Media Player/ iTunes

Wallpaper of choice: With virtual Desktops, there are no limits (in macOS that is).

Favorite cartoon character: If only America shows more Dragon Anime shows... *sigh*

Personal Quote: Life can be full of itself at times. Just got to make the most of it regardless of the issues ahead.

Personal Quote 2: Be objective to the information presented to you, think outside the box, break the status quo and Think for Yourself.

Favourite Visual Artist
Um... Only one?
Favourite Movies
Only one?
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I have many favorites. But I hate rap and country.
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
One? I like any game that has a neet story line.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS1/PS2, Wii/GC, GBA, Nintendo DS, N64, SNES... etc. Because games are fun!
Tools of the Trade
It's mixed. Digital, Computer created, drawn, etc. I'll use drawing/coloring/computer tool
Other Interests
Play videogames, Making my website, Spriting, etc. (It's a long list...) ^.=.^;;
Currently not active in drawing. Unfortunately...

How are ya? ^.=.^

How are ya? ^.=.^

Nothing seems to go as planned. A dated Journal and things to do/work on. My Review site (game related for now) MediamixUp is up but lacks content - I have been doodling a while more... Need to catch up on a few things. And I will be using Pixelmator and Photoshop CS4 to draw something. I may end up drawing my other characters again at a later date. I should group the ones I have now to save the time linking to every one of them. I will try to up my activity here, it is desperately needed. ^.=.^;; Sketches that I owe. Free as they may be, will have to be given the colored treatment now. That's it for m

Massive storm knocks out my power over a week!

Massive storm knocks out my power over a week!

Yeah. And now I am internet starved. Thanks random and most unwelcome storm for destroying my planed week. >.=.< At least the Cable and Internet are on a generator... I will get power hopefully a little after midnight tonight. I will have free time to draw... And sadly, I have not improved much from then and now. So I have a lot of catching up to do. Well, anyway... How was your week? Just as painful? or less so? It's cold here. DX

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SomethingYaNo7Student Filmographer
silverskreellStudent General Artist
hi just stopping by to say that your artwork is ver nice
what your favourite video game
How many siblings do you have
DDStuffHobbyist Artist
Testing this new feature seems neat! ^.=.^

Still a pain to work with on my Wacom tablet. DX
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
Thanks for the llama. :)
DDStuffHobbyist Artist
Your 10th llama. lol