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The Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron Fan Movie Poster

By dDsign
What? Fan-Made Movie Poster

Movie: The Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron
Release: 2015

On Facebook:…

Discription: This is my fith fanposter for the upcoming The Avengers-sequel! This time, I spend some more time on it, like on my Batman/Superman poster. What do you think of the result? I hope you like it :)

Some information:

Ultron Design: Credits are going to someone, who posted it on the stan winston site on facebook. Unfortunately, I cannot find it again. Actually, the artist has designed his own 'Iron Man'-design with this, not Ultron. But I thought for myself, this would be an awesome Ultron-Design, too! So I decided to use it for a new poster!

Quick Silver: I combined a wet suit from google with a picture of Aaron Taylor Johnson and created my own simple design for his suit.

Scarlett Witch: I used a photo of an amazing cosplayer, thanks for the pic :)…, and added the face from Elizabeth Olson.

The Falcon: Most of you might know that picture of Anthony Mackie as The Falcon, on which he is flying. I don't like that picture, because it was used in too many fan arts up to date, I think. Unfortunately, there isn't another high quality one from him, so I had to create something on my own. The Falcon you saw in my poster is combined from some Nick Fury pic, an Anthony Mackie head and the wings from the falcon picture from Captain America 2.

I'm not very satisfied with those last free characters! I think I created them as best as possible (for me), but its just so annoying, that there are no real pics out there yet :D Additionally, I only found pics from those actors, on which they are locking very happy. This is bad because all other Avengers are looking kind of serious^^

Captain America: Like for The Falcon, there are not many Captain America pictures, on which he is wearing his new stealth suit. The one I used for this poster was the best (in quality) I could find, sadly. But if you are not looking too close to it, then you might be not seeing this ;D


much fun,
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I saw this pic in Cinemark Argentina!!! Awesome man!
dDsign's avatar
A friend of mine found it in las vegas :D there it was sold with autogramms on it.. Dont know how that works xD
GSpotting's avatar
Studio Movie Grill is actually using this as promotion
I love your Iron Man design.. do you maybe have a template?
Avengerskat's avatar
Woh this is amazing. GREAT JOB! Cant wait for the movie :D
SUP-FAN's avatar
Okay THAT IS AWESOME!!! Nice job!!! Can't wait for the movie.
BenRG's avatar
I'm hoping that Iron Patriot and Falcon get cameos in this film. It would be cool to have an expanded Avengers roster.
Mithrios's avatar
wow, now it seems that Ultron will be the creation of Hydra
BenRG's avatar
Or possibly the creation of a SHIELD project, tainted and covertly controlled by HYDRA. As the 'good' baron pointed out, they are two sides of the same coin.
roberta25's avatar
Nope Ultron was always a creation of Dr.Pym alias Antman
elcazadordeaventuras's avatar
I really like the design of Ultron. I see Whedon using a concept like this, considering the rumors that Ultron will be a creation of Tony Stark :D
hi there dDsign. I hope you don't mind but i've showcased this awesome work on Film-Reel's twitter and facebook page here are the links. :D 
dDsign's avatar
Thanks (; Maybe you can Link my Facebookpage too?
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It'd be awesome if Marvel wanted to use this for a reprint cover of the graphic novel.
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bigfatcarp93's avatar

Very good! :)


I love the hordes of Ultrons in the background.


Ultron: the only supervillain that is his own henchmen.

foxterrier100's avatar
Two thumbs up!!! A Winner!!! Great work.
dDsign's avatar
Thank you (; Whats my price?^^
unusedusername111's avatar
Holy Crap! This is freaking awesome!!
dDsign's avatar
SuperheroFanBoy's avatar
Seriously. One of the best pieces of fan art I think I've ever seen!! This WILL be better than the actual poster!

dDsign's avatar
Wow, thank you very much! (;
dDsign's avatar
But I think, Superman/Batman are way more popular, cuz my Worlds Finest poster has way more favs and views^^
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Really good work on this one!
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