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Superman/Batman - World's Finest - Poster (1.0)

This is my first fan-poster for the highly discussed 'Man of Steel'-sequel, coming out summer 2015. As the most of you might know, superman will team up with batman for the first time in movie history!

I was inspired by some older Superman and Dark Knight posters.

Man of Steel-Logo by…

feel free to comment below

Version 1.1…

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That is my Superman Shield you are using in this work.…

Some credit to the original artists would be nice.
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Be calm bro (, I know that 'someone-use-my-work-but-dont-credit-me'-prolem very very well! I found yours with google without credits...
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I am calm, thank you.  And your attitude about it shows you have no regard for the work of others, as you use and take all the credit.  But that's okay, I am sending a DMCA take down notice to deviantART regarding this infringement.
dDsign's avatar
Yo, you know me very well, congrats! Stop bitching please and do as you want or better, if you have time for those things, search for someone who is really stealing othrs work!

My attitude about it...? As I said, I know your point very well and I'm sorry that I have found your work on google, without any credit to you. For example, some of my fanposters got thousand of likes on FB, without crediting me or my FBsite. Even though there are watermarks on them. What is the meaning of this? There must be people out there who don't care about someone others work, but I'm not a bit like them! And know, look at some of my other works. Any time, I know where my material is coming from, I credit it! So, yeah, I couldn't crdit YOUR work, because there was no hint for you, sorry about that, but it's no reason to bitch around like that and to accuse me to be that kind of person. I hate those people! But if you try to bitch with me, because of my work with my fanposter, then you have to bith wth everyone who uses others material for gfx. It's impossible to credit any pixel in the endproduct...

Again, do as you want. I have no problem with that, because I'm on the right side. If DeviantART wants to react on that, then Ok, but then they have to punish thousands of other good artist, who are addicted to others work for there art, like me. Dude, I know your point, really, I do, but what you are doing here is very rude and out of place. You could have informed me kindly, then everything would be finde. But no, you have to attack me personally... go on, have nice holidays
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Thank you for the credit.  It was all I was asking for.
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I personally like this one better then the new one,
(because of the moonlight on the jacket of the man!)
but the new one is more realistic! ^.^)
dDsign's avatar
Really? interesting :D I've just make the new one a bit darker, but Ok.
NicksFluffyShit's avatar
Once again, you can see how lighting change the impression of a picture! ;D
I saw some digital drawings with bad light-effects and the exact same with a little better ones
===> the pictures became totally different! ^.^)
dDsign's avatar
Yeah, I thinik you are right ;D
NicksFluffyShit's avatar
Thanks! ;D
I have visited a site, where good artists
got critique by pros:
They mostly cahnged the lighting (and some shape changes).
They call this critique "Paint Over". ^.^)
dDsign's avatar
Nice site. I will take a look on it!
NicksFluffyShit's avatar
Sure, do so! ^.^)
It helped me.
actually they team up before in movie history in the animated movies but i see what y talking about 
dDsign's avatar
Yes, you are right (;
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Yeah. That pretty much hits it out of the ballpark. ;-)
dDsign's avatar
Wow, a baseball methaphor ;D Thanks!
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Damn that is awesome!
dDsign's avatar
Yeah, thanx!
zviray's avatar
No problem! :)
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hey my friend i like your style alot!!great idea for poster combine very nice the two heroes!! :D
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Thank you very much!
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