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SH Nurse Mask Tutorial

EDIT: Since everyone keeps asking me about the hat ...…

lol Hope this helps! If you use this anywhere plz ask me! :heart:
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Have I thanked you for this yet? Thankyou so much for the tutorial!
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How do you make the eyeholes to the paoin where you can see through the mask?
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howdy pall ^^ le moi whants to doo a nurse coplay too and i hoped you could help me with some questions about pappmashee .... because i never realy used it before

well im in step 2 basicly ... i did a print of my own head 1 by 1 with stickytape and a plastig bag blablabla
is there a way to not make the papmashee flude ... and basicly use it without the newspaper for moddeling ? 
and how long does it need to dry ? (ore better say how long do i have to work with it and still re doo mistakes ?

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I love this, it's going to be so helpful! CX I just have one question.
How do you cover the rest of your head (back and hair. Mine's short. Its the cover up part)?? :c
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Ahhhh your so great i have been trying to find a tutorial like this haha!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Good luck! If you take pics I wanna see :heart:
Jessiey-chan's avatar
haha ok il send you the link when i get my in the progress posted up ^.^
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Awesome!!!! i can't wait to do this for halloween!! :heart: thanks sooo much!
btw, what about the back of the head, would you just show your hair or put something over it? :meow:
NeedlesGirl's avatar
Oooh, and can I use acrylic paints instead of the white spray? oO
NeedlesGirl's avatar
Amaaazing tutorial! I'm sooo gona try this xD I just have one question... after adding the pieces of news paper, did you use more paper mache on it, or what did you use to 'harden' the news paper (there seems to be something white on the news paper in that picture of yours, but I have no idea what is it xD)?
Rd406's avatar
i was wondering on covering up the back of it did you continue onto the hat?
NeedlesGirl's avatar
Awesome! Thanks for the amazing tutorial! =DD Do you have any tips for the dress? xD
Fredouee1478's avatar
Just a question. What do you do with the back of the head ?
xunsunghero's avatar
My girlfriend is currently using this tutorial and needless to say, it is funny hearing her curse at the balloon. x'D
Very amazing, by the way.~
DDRshaman38's avatar
Why would she curse at phil? Haha Thank you! I hope there will be pics :)
xunsunghero's avatar
I think it was because she couldn't blow it up all the way... or kept making it the wrong size. x'D
I'm sure there will be. :D
We'll link you to them and I'm sure she'll give credit.~
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This is going to help me so much, thank you so much for uploading this!!! :iconfinallyplz:
DDRshaman38's avatar
Youre welcome! Hope it works for you!
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My god this beautiful. Memories...traumatic crazed, horror plagued, blood stained memories...good ole' silent hill memories. *sigh* Shaman this is pretty awesome, this I can appreciate. I hope you make make a similar tutorial for pyramid head someday. Now that one I could not only appreciate, but use too lol.
DDRshaman38's avatar
Thank you very much :iconiloveyouplz:
Not sure about Pyramid head though ;3; Havent thought about cosplaying him anytime soon
samXgoesXrawr's avatar
Gah thank you! :D just what I needed for this upcoming halloween!!
DDRshaman38's avatar
I hope it turns out well! Pics! :)
kiyoraka102's avatar
Can you see with this specific mask?
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