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DAYDREAMING MAGAZINE's latest issue, “ALL AROUND THE WORLD”, is online.…

Inside you have:

ANDREY BARTENEV (Moscow, Russia): Performer, sculptor, visual artist and a lot more; his caleidoscopic world revolves from the spaces of the Venice Biennale to the streets of NY, establishing new connections with the russian avantgarde.

AKA B (Milan, Italy): Illustrator with masterful scrapes and uncommon deepness and sensitivity.
“It's with infinite agape, further than schopenhauerian, that I discovered I was in front of a dead audience, without identifying with it” he said about himself.
Prestigious collaborations with Marvel, DC comics and other publishing houses, trace his path.

BOB FISCHER (San Francisco, USA) a.k.a. Photomeister. Photographer, painter, filmmaker. You can tell from his works that he does not live on hallway measures. Take a look at his models, at the acrid and cutting tones of his images, yet poetic and ironic, subverting the concept of beauty itself.

CRISTINA BATTISTIN (Trieste, ITALY): beside being a successful artist with a professed passion for drawing and for Giacometti's work, she's a young teacher. Surely one of the most interesting realities in the chief town of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

ANDREA ALVERA' (Trieste, ITALY): from the ranks of Daydreaming Project, photographic images of a microcosm fraught with curiosity and pureness. No matter what he says, there's more than what is shown...

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Submitted on
March 12, 2009