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where are the spaces for creation in art? where do we go when we want to compose? where are our heavens, our purgatories, our hells and how do they look like? which routes do our journeys track? towards which daydreamt destinations do those journeys lead? who do we want to meet?

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Guglielmo Manenti (Italy)
with Bloomsday, a series of illustrations inspired byjames Joyce's Ulysses, Manenti's back in Trieste to start a new collaboration with DDProject. Cover and opening are dedicated to his personal image-translation for fragments of Joyce's "stream of consciousness".

Tim Lowly (U.S.A)
painter, photographer, curator and teacher, Tim Lowly presents "We know in part" a gallery filled with images saturated with evocative power that's hardly embanked by the apparent sobriety of his compositions and rooted directly in a pursue of the meaning of existence.

Chris Rain (Italy)
symbols for private constellations intersect rips of infinity. Macro- and micro-cosmos poetically blend under the sign of frailty, the sign of the unconscious, silent flowing of time. The analogical photograpy of Rain, manipulated in a dark chamber become alchemical antrum, speaks of life as an escape from silence towards another silence.

Javier S. Sanudo/Frodo47 (Mexico)
It's instinctual, humoral; talks of death, destruction and self-destruction, but it's extremely powerful and lively it's the artistic synthesis of violence and sensuality, horror and charm we grasp in the images of Sanudo. The best way of describing my photography is simple: find the beauty into darkness" he says.

Davide Garbuggio (Italy)
His figures draw off pictorial academicism reminding of an omnipresent past, almost tippy-toeing, bringing forth an accurate and subtle analysis of gesture and expression as couriers of a more modern and communicative feel.
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June 12, 2009


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