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Published: December 7, 2018
Anniversary of D'Ken and Tleo by Captain86
........B/W by morningstarskid

La Paix de 1815 by fearless-frog

proud light by ChasMandala

Plague n:o 51 by AneurysmGuy

Chiaroscuro by surrealistic-gloom

For Dimi by BlueIvyViolet

Landscape by Alena-48

Inside the magic forest by Miarath

Warmth by JocelyneR

Another Duck At Water Works Park by MYPeanutGallery

Magic Dream 06 by caddman

Ab by kellykind

Unique by sesam-is-open

Peter Pan Meets Tinkerbell by Shirley-Agnew-Art

Elementos-halloween-50 by Creaciones-Jean

Two of a kind  by awesome43

Esme, Pullip Sala 19 by spiti84

Work13a Gif Stock Image by Alimera

Tomb profaned by Julianez

Dama de Noche -001 by JAV1966

The Hot Night (GeorgiexArthur) by Rubina1970

Fireworks402 by scottyjheo

Hold Infinity by seek-and-hide

Three Cheers for May Day by AeliaNaqwiDesigns

Couples commission by cyberkitten01

Composizione32b by claudio51

Secret of the forest by BMarshallARTS

Winter food! by mockingbirdontree

Bright Winter Morning by ron-brouillette

Death Concubine by PlacidAnemia

Happy 17th Birthday DA! by Dany-E

Fruehlingserwachen by ingeline-art

House by the Lake by poisen2014

Scruffy Calls Mine I by Dragonwooddesigns

'Fantasy story' p.1 :) by WeraHatake

Congratulations for Our Star.  by Fistron

En face de moi by DavidMnr

Night of the wolf. by sev3ndev1ls

Thinking by Deadmoro

I know we're the crooked kind. by b3tt3rdig2

I spy with my little optic... by burstlion

Eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus) by minamiko


Scientist1 by FlipFlop1979
Flower 73 by jcdragonflies

Women For Dummies by ralfw666

Sissy Spacek Fan Stamp by Carriejokerbates

Noon Fly by IRIS-KUPP

at camp by crazygardener

Zinnia: How bad is it, Bully? by Child-Of-The-Light

AKA You Have Been Ruining My Life by NOTEBLUE13

Warming Display by Loffy0

A Dream by SueJO

A Few of Them Left by Hermetic-Wings

Love in the sight of the moon! by faryba

Softly by GUDRUN355

Dreaming of Christmas by marphilhearts

You don't even care who I love, Katherine. by sparklysheep456

Infinite by SilviaMS

SUMMER RAIN I by zraclooc

It Come Play by Arthur-Ramsey

Merry Christmas Ilse by BrankaArts

sad daisy mae, by darkc3po

Hi there! by kanyiko

Shooting rock girl by Eve-VelvetRose

Sweety Bear  by LindArtz

Surreal Fantasy by funkwood

Naked Cthulhu Approves by GayMetal

methamorphose by nakedcrayon23

Abstract 10438 by kootenayphotos

The Gypsy Woman by anasofiajc

Happy Birthday Faryba by Applemac12

Coach house by ahappierlife

Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal by Tigles1Artistry

Dimi Rose by ZombieInn

Just let it go by anasofiajc

Miss World.. by Sara-Arasteh

Newcastle Black Gate by AlberichPotter

A Paris Church by Arte-de-Junqueiro

~ HIBISCUS STAIN GLASS ~ by suziewinkler

African Bush Elephants feeding on branches (2) by Captain-Art-hero

MY WORK and ME ( Mohit Kumar Rao) by mohitkumarrao

THE FOREST 02 by MrsGraves

Mystic Cave by Renata-s-art

Retired On Sand  2 by DanStefan

MAN by UdoChristmann

Saint Anthony by jeremiahkauffman

iPiddle...oops...iPuddle by Trippy4U

[VIDEOS] Coffee Time by SIUCAR

I will cherish my pain like flowers.. by Samsiara

Draw This Again - Haruka by TheKissingHand

Ginger by JoePingleton

wendepunkt by scheinbar

Moon Flower by KizukiTamura

Mystic path by DavidMnr

Melancholy Night-by-GL-TUTORIAL by GothLyllyOn

Paris by jenyvess

Paris by hv1234

New ID Photo by SirIvyPink

rainbow heart thank you by Dieffi

the white flock... by FallenLeavesFairy

UR005 by ov3

Bob by Whisper292

Jupiter sketch by seresere

Rosella by Gryffgirl

Quantum Hive: First pass by daywalker-designs

Ginger Queen by VictoryGoth

ENERGY and love of literature. SL by jennystokes

I'm sleeping by GBLXVIII

She dreams in colour, she dreams in red. by Gmatty

Senior Master Sergeant Albert E.Beaty USAF by davincipoppalag

Women's Day by AnnaZLove

Dark knight by Scheron

Free Time by Purplemoonbeam

Request for TinkyTank105 by 109Renae

I Don't Know a Thing About Love by LoloAlien

From the Mists by CrownDigitalArt

Summer night by Impmon282

Deutsche Wertarbeit by vw1956

Cocoa Pixel by Kaitorubel

Livestream Sketch Dump 2/20/15 by Kaitorubel

Happy late...Valentines by 109Renae

Orb Spider detail by CapscesDigitalInk

Takashi Tsukamoto 2 by SabakuNoShi
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sesam-is-open's avatar
Many thanks for this beautiful feature!:heart:
surrealistic-gloom's avatar
Wonderful images featured!  :love:

Thank you so much for the add of my photo, dear Dimitri!  :hug:  :heart:
mockingbirdontree's avatar
Thank you from the bottom of your heart.
Miarath's avatar
Miarath General Artist
Many thanks! :huggle:
DDimitri16's avatar
DDimitri16Professional General Artist
You're welcomeHuggle! 
JocelyneR's avatar
Thank you kindly, my dear Dimitri!  :iconsomehugsplz:
Fistron's avatar
FistronHobbyist General Artist
Thanks again by mention me.;)
Applemac12's avatar
Applemac12Hobbyist Photographer
Terrific spread Dimi!  Thank you for having me here! :dance:
Arte-de-Junqueiro's avatar
Great collection Dimi - it always comes as a bit of a shock to find one of my pieces in one of your fabulous journals :blush: :hug:
ChasMandala's avatar
ChasMandalaHobbyist General Artist
Seeing my humble work among such talented people always moves me... Blessings to you always, dear Dimi, for including me in this awesome feature ~ :manhug: :heart: :peace:
DDimitri16's avatar
DDimitri16Professional General Artist
What are you talking about... "HUMBLE WORK"????

Your artwork has always been amazing.
And it keeps improving. ~ :manhug: :heart: :peace:
ChasMandala's avatar
ChasMandalaHobbyist General Artist
^^;  I sit corrected... :giggle:  :manhug:  :heart:
DDimitri16's avatar
DDimitri16Professional General Artist
Always loved your creations.:heart::manhug:

You always have the talent to make everyone feel better and happy with every one of your work.
The colors, the shape, the imagination.
Your creativity has no end.
ChasMandala's avatar
ChasMandalaHobbyist General Artist
And I've always loved yours, my dear friend ~ :manhug: :heart:

I wish that I could bring happiness to everyone, all the time... all we can do is try, right?

Your talent speaks for itself, dear Dimi - and your ability to cheer us up with your work is absolutely uncanny... I pray that you continue to do this for a very long time to come ~ :pray: :peace:
DDimitri16's avatar
DDimitri16Professional General Artist
I agree, trying it's not easy to make everyone happy all the time.

I'll try. ~ :manhug: :heart: :peace: 
ChasMandala's avatar
ChasMandalaHobbyist General Artist
I know you will do well - in fact, you already are ~ :aww: :huggle: :heart: :peace:
DDimitri16's avatar
DDimitri16Professional General Artist
Thank you very much, Charles. 
You're an inspiration ~ :aww: :huggle: :heart: :peace:
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caddmanProfessional General Artist

thank you for this wonderful showcase...:hug:
Shirley-Agnew-Art's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature Dimi! :squee: :hug:
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awesome43Hobbyist General Artist
Many thanks for you by mADnieR-cO  my :heart: friend Dimi for including my work in this amazing journal. Once again I am deeply touched by your kindness. Congratulations to all featured. :clap::clap::clap::hug::) 
AneurysmGuy's avatar
AneurysmGuyHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the feature! :wave: :D
MYPeanutGallery's avatar
Lovely feature, Dimi! Thanks for including my duck. :hug:
WeraHatake's avatar
WeraHatakeHobbyist General Artist
Thanx for the feature ;)
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