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Daily Deviation
January 17, 2011
Brainstorming by ~DDiArte is hands down one of the best photo manipulations I have ever seen. Great work.
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this belongs to Berardo collection
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we have days like this
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I just realized that the woman on the top was pregnant.
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this is awesome!!
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Hi guys! This is a master piece! 5 stars!!!!

I've included it in my Best of The Week ([link]) with all ur link and references...hope it's fine for u. If it is not, just let me know and I will remove it ok?

nora-state-of-mind's avatar
They remind me of neurons so much it's insane. Brilliant!
ThePenniesInMyShoes's avatar
wow! extremely creative :) congrats on the DD
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At first I saw a lot of human bodies, but when she saw the men light, then I have unwittingly had an idea about fertilization. Sorry for the assotsiatsiiT__T
The first time I've seen such an unusual statement of photos shows you a good photoshop user.
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Wow, I really love this..
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I love the way than you put the female pregnant image like something divine and celestial.
Parece una estatua de Leonardo o algo así, no conozco mucho, pero es tan influenciado en ese estilo, con ese toque moderno y tecnológico, me hace sentir tantas cosas. es mágico!

PD: first I was talking in english jijiji
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I'm amazed by how the lighting matches in every shot and how the piece of fabric connects so well! Great inspiring work!!
laadeedoll's avatar
Whoah, that's beautiful... Interesting, and obviously well manipped o.o;;
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This is gorgeous, definitely one of the best manipulations I've ever seen :heart:
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if you could make this into a sculpture this piece would have an even more powerful impact. Im may be possible using (unfortunately expensive) CNC machinery. But even in its current medium this piece is very striking and shockingly modern with the halogen lights in a very baroque composition. nice work
Landen-The-Demon's avatar did you... did you...

and how did you...

This, my friend, is definitely deserving of a DD.
AtlasMayer's avatar
That is amazingly awesome. How on earth did you do that!!!??
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Haha! Increadible! :) VERY tastefully done too... you depicted the human body like the clasic oil painting masters, it's not provocative at all. And it's a marvelous concept! :D
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WHAT? How did you do this?
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