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Deus Ex - Death by robot by DDentonas Deus Ex - Death by robot :iconddentonas:DDentonas 2 4
Life and War in a wasteland.
I have heard stories about the few embers of civilisation that still persist. They live behind heavily fortified walls, manned by men so big, our ancestors would call them giants. Their weapons shoot metal so fast, it can kill you instantly. They don’t care about outsiders. The only thing on their minds is the juicy meat they probably eat and the soft bed that waits for them at the end of the day. I don’t judge them. If I could have lived with them, I would care for exactly the same things. I wouldn’t even think of their existence, if they weren’t responsible for my situation right now.
I was born and raised by my collective. We were sheltered in the ramshackled ruins of a residential building. My life as a child was not so bad. I was playing “hide from the enemy” in the ruined building, or “kick the ball” with a ball of rags. My favorite friends where two other kids of my age. An older kid was my tormentor for a few  years, he used
:iconddentonas:DDentonas 1 0
Looking for her
2 months had past since the last time someone saw her. At week one I was already on the streets, half mad with pain, with a fucking razor in my pocket, ready to slit my throat as soon as I found that she was dead. But I couldn’t let my emotions cloud my intelligence. I upped my dosage to 5 pills per day. It allowed me to play batman with her friends. Where did they last see her? Are they telling the truth? Everything was pointing out at that she disappeared when she was walking around a small alley.
After that I was there all day and all night. I dared the one who took her away to show his face. I would fight him with my teeth if it came to that. I missed her terribly. I was looking for clues as to what happened everywhere. My mother and my sister soon learned what I was doing. College called. I haven’t been at the campus for a month. I missed 2 assignments. They threatened to send me at an insane asylum. They were right. I was out of my mind. I knew it. No good could come
:iconddentonas:DDentonas 5 0
Biofuel factory murder trial
The trial for the murder, that shocked the world with its cruelty and hate, is taking place at Oklahoma County Courthouse.
One riot police team was guarding the courthouse, where the trial of the purist Bob Survillan was taking place, because of a large crowd of protesters was gathering outside, in favor of the murderer. Slogans like "Earth belongs to humans!" and "Robots get out!" were heard.
The situation almost got out of hand when some augmented police officers hit people with batons and tasers. Police stated that the demonstrators were too close to them and they considered them a threat, despite that none of them carried anything that could be used as a weapon and some of them being very old. The crowd quickly took up stones and used them and flagpoles as weapons, at which point the riot police answered with liberal use of tear gas. After that the crowd dispersed.
Inside the trial ended quickly. Survillan pleaded not guilty, because as he said “I did kill them, but technical
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JC Denton Vs Iron Man
According to his schematics, JC Denton knew that after hacking this keypad he would be in Tony Starks armory. His goal was clear. Secure the suits against Stark and then proceed upstairs and arrest the rogue billionaire. The security so far was a nightmare. The premises were riddled with security gadgets made by Stark himself, making them almost impossible to bypass without burning out his stack of multitools. Cameras, lasers, infrared detectors, pressure pads. Most doors, even the ones that led to the bathroom, required fingerprint scanning switches. Even outside, the perimeter was protected by many virtual fences. It has taken Denton hours to make it this far. Hours of moving in absolute silence, with tech goggles squeezing his head, wearing an overheating,  because of its heavy usage, thermoptic camouflage and all that while carrying the heavy weaponry he would need if something would go wrong. So when Denton hacked the last digit of the keypad with his multitool, he couldn't h
:iconddentonas:DDentonas 4 2
Gunther Hermann Slash Paul Denton
“You bastard. How could you betray us?" Said Gunther Hermann, the huge mechanically augmented agent of UNATCO.
"If you're gonna kill me, kill me now Gunther. I just did what i thought was right." said Paul Denton. Gunther was holding him by the neck, against the wall.
"I will. I will choke you slowly, i'll make you beg for a breath. I'll make you feel the life drain from you. OH NO YOU WON’T" said Gunther as he slapped the EMP grenade out of Paul Dentons hand.
"Why do you hate me so much?"
"I... I can’t tell you. I would rather kill you now then have to tell you.." Paul was surprised. He wasn't used to listening to the machine man express nothing but hate. Now he was sounding vulnerable, confused. His eyes was watering.
"Gunther... Please tell me... Is this really about UNATCO?" said Paul. Gunther released him.
"Go away. Just get away from me. I can't handle this.. I.. I just can't..." Gunther said as he walked away. Paul caught his big metal arm, and he felt the powe
:iconddentonas:DDentonas 3 22
Denton Vs Jensen 2:'Ton's Roof
Denton was about to jump up to the fire escape when he heard a police officer behind him yell freeze. He turned around to face him.
"Anti-terrorist operations in progress. I am UNATCO agent JC Denton," he said and flashed his ID. "Get your man and surround the Hotel. Anyone except me trying to leave, shoot to kill. You might not get a second chance. And call the SWAT we will..."
"Who do you think you are giving orders to, "agent"? The days that UNATCO did whatever they wished are over." Officer Millan glared at Denton. Not too long ago UNATCO opened fire on a crowd of protesters here in New York, before he overthrew Page.
"US national security is threatened by a known terrorist. It's not only under my jurisdiction, but it's also my duty to act. Now stop protecting this criminal by wasting my time."
"I don't see why you don't make Hell's Kitchen your official HQ, so many times you have put it under U.N. jurisdiction.."
"What happened Sir?" asked a young cop behind the officer.
"Its Dent
:iconddentonas:DDentonas 2 15
Denton Vs Jensen
JC Denton was walking in a dark alley, behind 'Ton Hotel. He had to do a job for the Illuminati, he had to kill one of the people who threatened the new world order. He was seen in Hell's Kitchen, asking questions about him. But he asked the wrong people. Jordan Shea called him saying that someone was looking for him. A Mech.
He was about to get up to the fire escape ladder, to take a look on his brothers room, when he heard something falling from the roof. He didnt have time to react when Adam Jensen landed with force beside him and knocked him of his feet. With just a thought he activated all his nano augmentations, just to be ready. It was a good move. The aggressive defensive system was beeping so loud that he was going mad, but he was content. Jensen was about to make his first bad move. The mini bombs from the claymore augmentation exploded prematurely, wounding Jensen seriously, leaving him gasping for air.
"You must be Adam Jensen. Morgan Everett says hi."
Jensen gave an angry
:iconddentonas:DDentonas 4 18
Murder at Biofuel factory
Maniac shoots, kills and burns his 4 Augmented coworkers.
Terror striked last night at the Biofuel factory just outside of Oklahoma. Bob Survillan, a worker has committed a disgusting hate crime against four innocent augmented workers. While the poor workers were oiling their actuators, Survillan took out a pistol from his bag, and killed them. He then cut of their augmentations with a chainsaw and then emptied 2 barrels of ethanol fuel on each of them, tied them on the flag poles and set them on fire.
A big crowd swarmed because of the fire. Some of the areas purists gathered to cheer the death of the innocent workers. He was arrested an hour later at the crime scene without a fight while he was shouting insults at his dead victims. As the officers escorted him to the car the purists saluted him as a hero. "Its good to see someone is willing to fight for the purity of the race ma'am. If  man like him didn't fight the whole world is goi
:iconddentonas:DDentonas 3 3

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Lord Dimitrios Denton
Artist | Professional | Literature
Hello and welcome!

This is the lair of Lord Dimitrios Quirinus "Denton" Corvinos
Or Lord Denton for short.

Lord Denton is a storyteller. His mind generates an endless stream of awesome ideas and different ways to tell those stories. Short stories, books, video games, movies, tv series, stories told from a v-blog format, oral storytelling. He has ideas for all of them! He thinks that if he starts now and get serious about it, he has ideas to last him the next 100 years.

Basically there will be lots of different kinds of stories, ranging from wacky cheesy action comedies(Like any of the three Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright movies, Hudson Hawk, Avengers: Earth’s mightiest heroes, Sanity: Aiken’s Artifact, Evil dead 2, Portal, but not even close to Batman and Robin silliness) to stories about the darkness of the human (or alien) existence.



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