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Tifa Lockhart (Mature)- Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Model by a.lias
Port and fix facerig by me
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Zapzzable100's avatar

Once again your mega nz link is broken :/

bshengst's avatar

Amazing Model and an Amazing Rig. its so easy to work with this Model.

Sreliata's avatar

I am in absolute love with this. I've been checking her in blender just now and totally love your port. The XPS Bone posing is so much easier than the blender internal rigging system, many of the smut-base models share.

Thank you so, so much, Dhaka.

I know (and I'm already seeing it below here) you get so many requests.. and chances are, you might not even see this one but I was wondering if, perhaps (per-chance) you'd ever give Kaine a go. Particularly, this one:

Penisless would be fine (best) with me, since I'd not do any smut with it to begin with.

You might wonder why I ask this here but the truth is: I'd love, love, love to do a render with kaine and Tifa, wearing the same thing- for which I need bases ._.)" I am.. a sucker.

And last but not least: I hope you'Re having an amazing day.

Thank you for all your awesome work. <3

Cash4488's avatar
dddkhakha1's avatar

I already research Kainé, but this model is futa type. Can't explain why I hate futa so much, I'm still trying to add and fix vagina to this model.

I'm not a master, so don't hope the problem will be fix soon.

Sreliata's avatar

The model has a "shape key" with which you can remove the penis. That should fix the issue, no? I hate Futa, too.. which is why I found out about that you can actually remove the penis there. XD

SimplyPlastic076's avatar

Love your conversions! Can you please do . Thank you!

Yoahimune's avatar

cool and disappointed at the same time.

  1. you use tifa from remake version is awesome.

  2. your bone model is so messed up, hard to find, no categorize and difficult to use because no bones category.

dddkhakha1's avatar

Stop spam this or I have to block you

Yoahimune's avatar

I'm not spamming, I'm telling the truth.

Except you upload the map and item model with no categorize bones, that's fine.

dddkhakha1's avatar

I'm not going to rename bonesbecause that is a very easy job so anyone can do that.

Rename bones will becomes the problem in the future if I want to add something to the model, so I didn't.

idiocracyxao's avatar

you are awesome ! ive been so eager if youll even give this one a look by Mojukin Hornywood Nude Aerith

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