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Claire Nazi

Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2 Remake
Mod by re23071998
Port and custom by me
Download: Look up

Note: It's not a complete NSFW model, nudable a bit at lower body
© 2020 - 2021 dddkhakha1
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widowzelda's avatar

haha yeah I'm jewish and this is pretty fucking awful

karadaniano's avatar

jewish are fucking awful.

dddkhakha1's avatar

For God sake, I just named this model by the hat, Don't be so tough like that Sad Cat

People are easily triggered these days.

zerry's avatar

And was posing her giving the salute for the preview image just an accident?

ald140876's avatar

why do people take it so seriously?

which part is not understood of the following:

I quote, I repeat, I emphasize, I agree, "is only a 3D model!" very beautiful by the way.:clap:

zerry's avatar

6 million people were casually murdered because Nazis decided they didn't like them.

Millions more were killed when the Nazis attempted to seize control of the world by force.

And now they're coming out of the woodwork in the modern day, hoping to grab as much power and inflict as many casualties as possible.

Does that not sound like something worth taking seriously?

And by posting this model, he's making a statement that he's okay with that violent ideology and ever-growing kill count. That obviously wasn't his intention, but that's what happens when you try to make light of something so horrible.

OCBacon's avatar

Really, 12 million people?

How many died at the hands of the Bolschevik revolution and their leadership, which was predominantly jewish, and the following communist/marxist regimes? 30 million?

Hitler didn't hate the jewish people because of the religion they practice, he simply hated communism, which is their creation.

ald140876's avatar

You have to know differentiate between the real and the unreal, and here I only see a 3D model, what you say is true, it was a hard time for those who lived in it, and it is worth remembering so that it does not happen again, but this is 100% fiction

zerry's avatar

Yes, but fiction influences reality. There's no disconnecting the two, especially given world events right now.

ald140876's avatar

"fiction influences reality."

precisely for this reason don't should not be mixed

otherwise, anything published could be related to the bad, examples:

a soldier, a samurai, a Roman, a Spanish, an Englishman, etc.

because it could also indirectly relate them to something bad in world history, such as: slavery, conquest, encroachment, murder, etc.

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i came her to read comments of soys =P

Weebos5000's avatar

lol this is wrong on so many levels lol Poor Claire her 3d model just keeps getting sexualized over and over again

DigitalExplorations's avatar

Claire as a Nazi is just so wrong, given her personality. Wesker, hell yes. Claire? No. Then again, I'm kinda biased on how to make RE characters work in the WWII era. -_^

IronfistClownFactory's avatar

Y'know, of all the models you could've ported, you really didn't have to do this one.

ald140876's avatar

another model of me Claire :love:

thanks a lot

darknessofanubis's avatar

That totally get her cancelled on Twitter.

darknessofanubis's avatar

Set an example. You first.

darknessofanubis's avatar

Bite me you Stalinist pig.

OCBacon's avatar

*insert truthful and factual comment viewed as controversial in this garbage society we live in*

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