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thx for reading
my game has been out for a few weeks now, it's going strong now and we've updated a lil bit since v1 go check it out pls!!
if you wanna check it out and play, come take a peek here!
☀all about me️

names(s) ➤ Kali, Kali-Ann
single or taken ➤ taken
gender ➤ female
birthday ➤ oct 1st
sign ➤ libra
hair color ➤ blonde
eye color ➤ green
height ➤ 5'1''
are you pan/bisexual/gay? ➤ no

☀fashion stuff

where is your favorite place to shop for clothes? ➤ i don't have a favorite place i just buy shirts online and get pants from like, old navy or something
favorite designer? ➤ none
what is your most comfortable outfit? ➤ t shirt and jeans
what do you wear the most? ➤ ......t shirt and jeans and if it's cold i'll wear my fuzzy hoodie


what kind of shampoo do you use most? ➤ garnier whole blends honey stuff
what are you listening to right now? ➤ my friend jacob cackling
who is the last person who called you? ➤ my friend jacob
how many buddies are online right now? ➤ 26


foods ➤ lasagna, tacos, spaghetti, eggs with cheese
girl names ➤ Scarlet
boy names ➤ Sean
subjects in school ➤ science, art

☀have you ever

given anyone a bath? ➤ no i don't think so
smoked? ➤ no
bungee jumped? ➤ no
skinny dipped? ➤ no
ever been in love? ➤ yes
made yourself cry to get out of trouble? ➤ no
cried when someone died? ➤ yes
lied? ➤ yes
fallen for your best friend? ➤ yes ;0 i'm in a relationship now bc of it
rejected someone? ➤ yes, many times and it bit me back in the ass xd
used someone? ➤ no
done something you regret? ➤ yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes


clothes ➤ death the kid shirt from 7th grade that still fits me somehow and shorts
smell ➤ good
desktop picture ➤ a picture of gracey on her stomach
cd in player ➤ none
dvd in player ➤ none
song playing ➤ if you wanna count jacob's nice beautiful breathing, sure

☀last person

you touched ➤ my mom unless you're talking about sexual stuff then no i have not touched my mom in that way
hugged ➤ my dad
you emailed ➤ hyena agenda about a super late order
you yelled at ➤ my sister
you kissed ➤ my bf :iconzombi3smurf:

☀are you

understanding? ➤ my friends think so
open-minded? ➤ yeah
arrogant? ➤ yes
insecure ➤ yes
random ➤ fuck no
hungry? ➤ yes
smart? ➤ sure
hard working? ➤ nope
organized? ➤ yeah kinda
healthy? ➤ yeah
shy? ➤ no
difficult? ➤ sometimes
bored? ➤ no just hungry
obsessed? ➤ no
angry? ➤ no
sad? ➤ no
perverted? ➤ yes
dirty minded? ➤ yes
trusting? ➤ too trusting

☀who do you wanna

kill? ➤ :iconjakib:
slap? ➤ :iconjakib:
get really wasted with? ➤ :iconzvjezdan:
kiss? ➤ :iconzombi3smurf:
hug? ➤ :iconzombi3smurf:
cuddle? ➤ :iconzombi3smurf:
bang? ➤ :iconzombi3smurf: ;0


in the morning, i ➤ go back to sleep for 10 more minutes then go to school
i dream about ➤ gorilla sex (i'm joking i don't remember my dreams xd)
sexual preference ➤ i like men and men only

☀which is better

coke or pepsi➤ coke
flowers or candy ➤ flowers
tall or short ➤ tall


is your crush? ➤ :iconzombi3smurf:
makes you laugh the most? ➤ my friends in the trolling terrors :heart:
makes you smile? ➤ :iconzombi3smurf: : D

☀do you ever

find yourself thinking of the boy/girl you like for a long period of time? ➤ uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck YEAH i Love PEOPLE!
wish you were a member of the opposite sex? ➤ sometimes
wish you were younger? ➤ no lol

here i'll tag people too hee hah

blank template here:  Meme☀all about me️
names(s) ➤
single or taken ➤
gender ➤
birthday ➤
sign ➤
hair color ➤
eye color ➤
height ➤
are you pan/bisexual/gay? ➤
☀fashion stuff
where is your favorite place to shop for clothes? ➤
favorite designer? ➤
what is your most comfortable outfit? ➤
what do you wear the most? ➤
what kind of shampoo do you use most? ➤
what are you listening to right now? ➤
who is the last person who called you? ➤
how many buddies are online right now? ➤
foods ➤
girl names ➤
boy names ➤
subjects in school ➤
☀have you ever
given anyone a bath? ➤
smoked? ➤
bungee jumped? ➤
skinny dipped? ➤
ever been in love? ➤
made yourself cry to get out of trouble? ➤
cried when someone died? ➤
lied? ➤
fallen for your best friend? ➤
rejected someo

doing art is fucking

Sun Sep 10, 2017, 5:55 PM
i get discouraged looking at other work but then i just realize it's fine and ill just do what i wanna do but it still SUCKS like damn i wanna improve!

check it out;
it's a real adventure, i'll tell ya :iconaffordablesuv: 
i made an art fight BC PEER PRESSURE FROM :iconzvjezdan: AND :iconamberisrad:
w0w lets go, thought itd be a cool idea since i did the art summary but why not a video summary?
i was tagged by :iconcrazedtheratis:
Rules: Tag 8 people you want to know better!

Name: Kali

Star sign: Libra

Average of hours sleep:

Lucky number: 69 xd

Last thing I googled: jaquzzi with ghouls midi cyber 8 (which is this btw )

When I started this account: sept 9 2010 (happy already passed 6 year anniversary 2 mi)

Amount of watchers: 445 bitchez

What do I post: anthro toontown cats

Do I run any more blogs:
i dont really go on tumblr anymore but i guess this could count lol

Do I get a lot of comments: sometimez

Why I chose my username:
my random phase at 9 years old was a tough experience i went through until mid 2012

I'll tag (only do this if u want to tho lolz):

man it sure is great when most of the people u watch just put their art in storage after like 3 days
it sucks when you start losing contact with most of your friends :/ 
Check this out, my friend :iconspysandwich: is doing things right now.
<da:thumb id="622558873"/>

im naming him dio brando if its a boy
sorry im like a day over the deadline but i got the lil contest thing done
not many entered but its ok
the winner of the contest is :iconRosey-Shammy:!!!! wowie wow 
her submission was this!! it was pretty cool lookin!
note me with whatever commission you want and ill get to it when i can

check out the other ones here tho they're also pretty cool but i'm sorry i had to choose only one i should've thought about the contest better lmao
Rodger (Contest entry) by sushi2go 
So I uploaded a video and set up a website, yes! Mischief is finished and will hopefully be released sometime soon! It's the story of Gracey, and her odd counterpart Mischief Gracey, the origins of Doppelganger, a robot version of Gracey as well, and her history and the history itself of Dream Monsters, a race of cursed beings that existed for hundreds of years ruled by the first one ever, Traugott.. You learn the history of the odd Rodger Gizanis, and how he almost conquered a whole continent just by threats! 
There's way more, but if I explained it all it'd all be spoiled!!!!! So stay tuned, i'll be posting an update journal and i'd probably edit this one so you guys know when the first chapter is released.
Here's the summary for the comic on the website itself: "A curse terrorizes the continent of Untergan, beings called Dream Monsters are roaming the land and murdering people by the hundreds, leaving ghost towns in their tracks. The desert region of the whole continent was blocked off, but now the Dream Monsters have reached the outside. This is the story of Gracey, and her adventures and experiences with Akuma Gesano, a global fighting instructor, and a mysterious duplicate of Gracey herself dubbed "Mischief Gracey"."
I'm super excited for this, cuz it's been something I've been working on for around a year now!!
For now, I made a website specifically for this comic. It's a work in progress, and the appearance will change hopefully soon, but yeah! 
I'm not too familiar with the site, but I think you could subscribe to this comic too so you're notified once a page comes out. (But the way uploading works on here, I gotta post a page one by one, I can't do it in bulks, so you'd get flooded with messages most likely.) < Here's the site though!!!!! Stay TUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNEDDDDDDDD

wowie!! thank u guys! you're all the best : D