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the head looks bigger than it actually is lol. by DD-Yang the head looks bigger than it actually is lol. :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 11 3 finale product. : ) by DD-Yang finale product. : ) :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 7 2 WIP by DD-Yang WIP :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 0 0 ok nvm picasso come back. by DD-Yang ok nvm picasso come back. :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 2 0 Yuno Gasai by DD-Yang Yuno Gasai :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 7 10 Neopolitan Redux Non-Colored by DD-Yang Neopolitan Redux Non-Colored :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 8 11 IN SPIRIT OF SEASON 2 OF AOT by DD-Yang IN SPIRIT OF SEASON 2 OF AOT :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 25 16 Because I Haven't Posted In a While by DD-Yang Because I Haven't Posted In a While :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 6 5 Ruby Rose WIP by DD-Yang Ruby Rose WIP :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 8 15 What Should I Name Her? by DD-Yang What Should I Name Her? :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 4 6 This Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack WTF by DD-Yang This Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack WTF :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 2 58 Does Anyone Even Remember the Name of This Team? by DD-Yang Does Anyone Even Remember the Name of This Team? :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 2 3 Accurate? by DD-Yang Accurate? :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 4 5 Definition of My Ex. by DD-Yang Definition of My Ex. :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 11 7 Super Sand Guko 3 by DD-Yang Super Sand Guko 3 :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 9 4 Clawdeen Wolf WIP 2 by DD-Yang Clawdeen Wolf WIP 2 :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 7 11
wassup, this is my gallery. feel free to fav, comment, AND give constructive criticism. <3

artists that inspire me
Do Not Touch by Gay-Mage-Of-Space:iconmikkusushi: :iconcarsote: :iconb3astbeat: :iconlukamegurinelover:
Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose weird but true, i enjoy drawing and writing at night/early hours of the day and it kinda makes what i finish much better? lol.


A N G R Y by Rainbow-Blitzer103 A N G R Y :iconrainbow-blitzer103:Rainbow-Blitzer103 1 4 Quotev (2) Icon ultramini by linux-rules Quotev (2) Icon ultramini :iconlinux-rules:linux-rules 1 1 Simple Spaced Icon -Brendon Urie- by Eru-kamo Simple Spaced Icon -Brendon Urie- :iconeru-kamo:Eru-kamo 1 0 Lady Ann by AbyssWatchers Lady Ann :iconabysswatchers:AbyssWatchers 401 65 .:See You On A Dark Night:. by AlduinGijinka .:See You On A Dark Night:. :iconalduingijinka:AlduinGijinka 56 5 Listen! (GIF) by Bev-Nap Listen! (GIF) :iconbev-nap:Bev-Nap 523 10 believe it or not by Dametora believe it or not :icondametora:Dametora 619 50 Lame by EpicStamps Lame :iconepicstamps:EpicStamps 141 4 Oh the irony by EpicStamps Oh the irony :iconepicstamps:EpicStamps 287 0 I've Always Wondered... by SionnaDehr I've Always Wondered... :iconsionnadehr:SionnaDehr 385 134 Hate is Hate by genkistamps Hate is Hate :icongenkistamps:genkistamps 1,066 582 You need it. by Ramen27
Mature content
You need it. :iconramen27:Ramen27 1,349 627
Mental Disorders... by snakeandladders Mental Disorders... :iconsnakeandladders:snakeandladders 2,252 601 Overpopulation FTW by Its-An-Inferno Overpopulation FTW :iconits-an-inferno:Its-An-Inferno 1,109 452 Request XII by paramoreSUCKS Request XII :iconparamoresucks:paramoreSUCKS 912 160 POSITIVE BODY IMAGE by ElStamporoonios POSITIVE BODY IMAGE :iconelstamporoonios:ElStamporoonios 192 12


This looks so cute! <3 I love the outlining and colour design. (I'm not going to lie but, I thought was like kid Yang for a sec. XD) Th...


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hey whats up guys its jojo siwa-
:check: by Fufu-Neko i will be posting my art more as i draw more.
:check: by Fufu-Neko school has me busier than anything so i apologize. :'(
:check: by Fufu-Neko i WILL take requests and RECOMMENDATIONS.
:check: by Fufu-Neko constructive criticism is welcomed. : )

Instagram New Icon by poserfan
(art and singing account coming soon with spam)
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(separate sc account coming soon)
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:skype: by PunkyB
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Quotev (2) Icon ultramini by linux-rules

ladies, by sparkpenguin *Fight Me Pusy* by loversnow 033 by cyooti .... by Gay-Mage-Of-Space *SHITPOSTS* by Gay-Mage-Of-Space WordArt meme stamp by Ansath 020 by MiiyukiiChan Fuck Em by Gay-Mage-Of-Space You Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostamps Parenting by paramoreSUCKS
:check: by Fufu-Neko Just so You Know by ThePhilosophicalJew From a Lefty Who Likes to Complain... by Mintaka-TK POSITIVE BODY IMAGE by ElStamporoonios Request XII by paramoreSUCKS :check: by Fufu-Neko
if you wanna know about me,,, here you go.

<da:thumb id="591171724"/>  I Can Support Someone Without Agreeing With Them by MadKingFroggy - no matter whom is my president, i'll be fine. just a long you aint killing anyone for the fun of it.

Shaming Meat Eaters Does NOT Save Animals - Stamp by xxsunslashxx - im totally fine with you not supporting with not supporting eating animals n shit (saw this shane video where his friend made some good vegan food and looked d e l i c i o u s) but mind your business.

This Stamp's Hard on the Eyes Isn't It by endler  ''I'M WORSE OFF THAN U!!1!'' by Mintaka-TK  WHOOPS. SORRY FOR SHARING MY OPINIONS. by World-Hero21  Your Minority Identity Shouldn't Solely Define You by Mintaka-TK  Anti Political Correctness by ThePhilosophicalJew- its more offensive in telling people what they should be offended of because of their social grouping. dont do it. @ tumblr scums and people who are privileged but want to feel oppressed. sometimes its great to ignore/take a joke. (unless it actually goes too far)

There's Going to Be A Million Stamps Now by endler rape/sexual assault/sexual harassment goes both ways!! dont only single out men for being offenders.

That doesn't help your cause. by World-Hero21  I can't take you seriously if you use insults. by World-Hero21 - from personal experience, its hurtful and it happens to everyone. dont be a cuck. nothing more to say about this tbh.

Gender Equality is Still Not Widely Accepted... by Mintaka-TK  Labels Everywhere... by Mintaka-TK  Excuse you, but NOPE. by World-Hero21 - the only feminism i'll agree with is first and second wave. american feminists of the time totally forget women have bigger issues than some random dick saying theyre a thot for wearing a tank top. yes theyre obviously still some fucked up shit but we need to help women in other countries who really need it.

Blue lives matter by OpposingStamps- idc what anyone says, just because a few bad cops will kill doesnt make all of them bad! all lives are important unless youre a cunt. but if you dont support either of these its okay with me. as humans we're to supposed to differ from one another.

ladies, by sparkpenguin - your titties arent artistic sarah.

Vote By Logic by ThePhilosophicalJew  I Like Politics, But Not This Kind by Mintaka-TK  Gun Regulation Not Gun Control by ThePhilosophicalJew  Support Our Troops by KaizokuShojo <da:thumb id="564440338"/> <da:thumb id="698412194"/>  Oh the irony by EpicStamps - i kinda grouped these together because they deal with politics or whatever. i will always mixed feelings about each ground, just be mindful that sometimes when taking away a right, is taking away someone elses. not everyone you dont agree with something, you have to fight it. (ik its hard.)

Mental Disorders... by snakeandladders 

Mature Content

You need it. by Ramen27
 - i personally find it extremely disgusting when peple self-diagnose and give cuts to themselves and etc just to seem cool. news flash: being sick isnt cool. people do not cut themselves to be rad, its more of an impulse they cannot control (im not entirely sure about that but whatever) no one should fetish shit like and not make depression and shit seem cool. its disgusting.

Hate is Hate by genkistamps  I've Always Wondered... by SionnaDehr  Lame by EpicStamps - most believe that just because most instances occur in one group than others, theyre automatically conditioned that everyone thinks the same. its disgusting and it needs to stop.

believe it or not by Dametora  Overpopulation FTW by Its-An-Inferno - do not underestimate a father or anyone that is the father figure. it truly baffles me how people are so closed minded. how fucked up do you have to think, "my dad has cared for me my whole life and loves me dearly idc my mum is better" i mena yeah it depends on the circumstance but if you have both parents who love you very much, you should love them equally. (but it is okay to prefer a parent of the other just dont be rUDE OKAY-) and if youre not able to handle children dont make a lot or be super careful when having sex.


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