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the head looks bigger than it actually is lol. by DD-Yang the head looks bigger than it actually is lol. :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 2 3 finale product. : ) by DD-Yang finale product. : ) :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 4 2 WIP by DD-Yang WIP :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 0 0 ok nvm picasso come back. by DD-Yang ok nvm picasso come back. :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 1 0 picasso who? by DD-Yang picasso who? :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 1 6 Yuno Gasai by DD-Yang Yuno Gasai :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 7 10 Neopolitan Redux Non-Colored by DD-Yang Neopolitan Redux Non-Colored :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 7 11 How's Spring Break?? by DD-Yang How's Spring Break?? :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 4 2 IN SPIRIT OF SEASON 2 OF AOT by DD-Yang IN SPIRIT OF SEASON 2 OF AOT :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 24 16 Because I Haven't Posted In a While by DD-Yang Because I Haven't Posted In a While :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 6 5 Ruby Rose WIP by DD-Yang Ruby Rose WIP :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 8 15 Green Eyes Always Looked the Best. Right? by DD-Yang Green Eyes Always Looked the Best. Right? :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 4 2 WHOEVER HAS INSTAGRAM SHOULD FOLLOW HER. by DD-Yang WHOEVER HAS INSTAGRAM SHOULD FOLLOW HER. :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 6 2 What Should I Name Her? by DD-Yang What Should I Name Her? :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 4 6 This Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack WTF by DD-Yang This Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack WTF :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 2 58 This So Good. Someone Teach Me. ): by DD-Yang This So Good. Someone Teach Me. ): :icondd-yang:DD-Yang 8 6
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(Death Note) Mello x Reader: Sharing

(Death Note) Mello x Reader: Sharing
    You were lounging around on the couch on your back staring at the ceiling out of boredom while Matt was out buying food and drinks, and Mello was staring at the laptop screen watching a girl that they suspected to be a part of the famous murder case that has been going on for a few years. You don’t know how he constantly stares at the screen, especially if nothing ever happens most of the time.
    You then heard a click and munching sounds afterwards that cut you out of your thoughts. You sat up and looked to where Mello was sitting while eating the third bar of chocolate he had today. You watched as he broke the bar of delicious milk chocolate down piece by piece. You could feel your mouth drooling. Lately you have been craving for some chocolate and since Mello had practically and endless supply of it you kindly asked for one. Of course he bluntly said
:iconkikiroo:Kikiroo 55 6
~Just A Taste?~ Mihael Keehl X Reader || Mello
"Come on."
"Just a taste?"
"Why not?!"
[Name] sighed. This had been going on for the past several minutes. Ever since she set foot into the room, holding that delectable bar of heaven.
"I shared my chocolate with you!" Mello argued.
"Yeah, once. And that was only because the piece you gave me fell on the floor." [Name] calmly answered before taking a bite out of her candy bar.
Mello opened his mouth, but couldn't come up with a legitimate comeback. He knew [Name] was right. He didn't like sharing any type of sweets with anyone. Not because he was greedy.
Chocolate was always an outlet for Mello. It calmed him, almost like a drug.
And the fact that he was out of that delicious substance, unable to satisfy his craving, was starting to get under Mello's skin.
"I'll pay you back."
"Oh? And how do you plan on doing that?" The young girl asked, raising an eyebrow.
Mello bit his tongue. He wasn't exactly a patient man, especially in a situation such as this.
"I'll take you to t
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 307 94
Like Father, Like Son | Sangwoo X Reader
Warning : Contains strong language and violence.
Please read description below

A person’s brightest smile can hide the darkest secrets.
It all started during your first semester of college.
After weeks of agonizing thought, you had decided to pursue your dream of studying abroad.
Hours upon hours were spent studying as much as humanly possible, from the country's language to the culture to basic information needed in every day life.
Not to mention the overwhelming amount of studying for exams that required your undivided attention.
But once you set your mind to something, you were determined to see it through to the end.
Despite not being shocked, relief did wash over you when you received an official letter confirming your application to Sungsoo University in South Korea.
Once arriving in the country, however, reality hit you like a ton of bricks.
New home, new school, new f
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 27 7
Masseuse!Levi x Reader - Misjudgement
An excruciating hour of searching was how long it took you to find the address that was printed on the business card. After weaving through countless small alleyways and backtracking at least a dozen times, you finally stood in front of the drab two-story building with a neon-flashing sign that read “S.C Massage Parlor”.
“This is the place,” you mumbled to yourself as you double checked the name on the card.
Tucking the card into the pocket of your faded jeans, you took a deep breath and pulled the door open. The aromatic scent of candles was the first thing that greeted you, eliciting a hacking cough from your irritated lungs. You had never fancied things like perfume or bath scents – the smell was just too much to bear.
“Welcome, madame!” a middle-aged man at the counter called out to you.
You cracked a hesitant smile and walked over to him, still debating whether you should just abandon this impulsive plan. But you shook away your negative t
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 99 59
singing siren seduction |siren!levi|
Startling bright blue orbs watched the young woman with telescopic eyes. The intensity of his gaze watched and recorded every moment that the female being made. Her fingertips gently reached for the surface of the blue liquid, gently swirling around it's contents with her point finger. She plopped down onto the sun-warmed rock, continuing to interact with the water as if she had never seen it before, yet he could tell that her mind was somewhere else.
He thought that she had come to get away, and think.
The blue orbs dilated with confirmation, and pale pink lips slowly parted to release the sweet, soft, melodic tunes and sounds that were encapsulated within.
The female's eyes shot up ahead of her, only to be faced with the calm waves slowly forming on the horizon. Confusion clouded her (e/c) eyes and filled her head, but so did curiosity. Suddenly, her vision clouded entirely, as if she was in a trance.
Which is exactly what he wanted.
He snaked through the current, staying as low to t
:iconmurfpie156:MurfPie156 72 72
Mine | Yandere!Oh Sangwoo x Reader
    Everything about him struck fear into you whether it be his actions, his touch or even his smile. Out of all of those, it was that damn smile of his that you feared the most. He smiled whenever he was pleased with you, whenever he was annoyed, and even smiled when he was stabbing the life out of a person. Witnessing that was what turned a smile you used to adore so much to one from your worst nightmares.
     Looking back on it, it was hard to tell if he intended on letting you see that one of many brutal murders he committed. He didn’t seem surprised when you stumbled into the basement and screamed at the sight of what he had done. He even had all the doors locked so that he was easily able to grab you before you could manage to figure out how to unlock the door.
    He acted as if he truly cared for you yet he would beat you senseless if you refused to submit to him. The abund
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 76 30
Tattoos (Shy!Reader x Punk!Levi)
Dragging your finger across the screen you gulped as the very different tattoos tend to get bigger then what you wanted. After months and months of decision making and constant prying you decided to finally get a tattoo. One was enough. Your sister however had four. Two on her arm and one on her back topping with a birthday tattoo on her wrist. You on the other hand had none. Zero. Nothing. Almost all your friends had atleast one tattoo. Thanks to them you were forced into getting one.
Petra hummed as she turned the music louder then it was before, blasting her favorite song outloud. She was currently taking you to the tattoo parlor were she originally  got the four tattoo's from. In all honesty you were scared. What if the person messed up? Will the tattoo hurt like a needle? WHAT?!?!?!? Petra caught site of your discomfort and reached infront to turn the radio down.
"Are you worried?" She asked, turning a curb then going straight. You locked your phone then placed it in your poc
:iconblackbutlerfan09871:BlackButlerFan09871 153 38
Prisoner | Sebastian Michaelis x Demon!Reader
    You woke up to chains encircling your entire body, binding you to the wall behind you. Your groggy eyes didn't even need to look down to notice the lack of clothes on your body. The remains of the red dress you wore were ripped and torn, offering no protection to shield your undergarments underneath.
    How on earth did you manage to find yourself in this predicament? As hard as you tried to remember the events that took place the previous night, your mind was too foggy to remember a thing. It was certainly someone powerful - you just didn't know who. One thing you did know, though, is that you doubted this was going to end well for you.
    The iron door to the cell you were chained inside suddenly opened to reveal a small boy. His appearance nearly caught you off guard. The one eye of his that was visible to you revealed many things. As young as this boy was, it was clear that he&
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 91 29
Kinky | Levi Ackerman x Reader AU
    “Oh, come on. Please, babe?” you asked Levi as you pressed your body up against his as he sat in his chair, reading his newspaper as usual.
    “Shut up, brat, I’m trying to read,” he snapped as he pushed you away, never taking his gaze off of the newspaper.
    “Please, Levi? You were gone for three days and now that you’re finally back I wanted to have some fun.”
    “I’m not in the mood right now.”
    “Oh, really? Well, maybe if we used these you’ll get in the mood. We can get really kinky with them,” you said with a smirk as you revealed two pairs of handcuffs to him. Finally averting his gaze away from the newspaper, a smirk of his own spread across his lips when he saw the little toys you had.
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 140 47
Vahn x Silver (Commission) by Bev-Nap Vahn x Silver (Commission) :iconbev-nap:Bev-Nap 101 4 Connor (Detroit: Become Human) by Bev-Nap Connor (Detroit: Become Human) :iconbev-nap:Bev-Nap 357 11 Bootleg Inuyasha by Seyumei Bootleg Inuyasha :iconseyumei:Seyumei 408 155 The Nerevarine by N0ctrne The Nerevarine :iconn0ctrne:N0ctrne 96 28 Snowfall by DivineChihaya Snowfall :icondivinechihaya:DivineChihaya 34 13 GAI SENSEI AND ROCK LEE - NARUTO by Mostflogged GAI SENSEI AND ROCK LEE - NARUTO :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 500 25 Neopolitan vs. Nui Harime by OmnicidalClown1992 Neopolitan vs. Nui Harime :iconomnicidalclown1992:OmnicidalClown1992 10 4


This looks so cute! <3 I love the outlining and colour design. (I'm not going to lie but, I thought was like kid Yang for a sec. XD) Th...


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idk what happened but i'm now dead inside so yay me (that was not meant to be edgy). i'll post art when i feel like it so yea. i have come to terms with myself and im a bitch and really sarcastic. but i also like making people smile. (as you can tell im confusing as fuck.) i hate my ex so if you see this fuck you, you cheating whore (lol that was joke but ik youre so sensitive) and im rude as joke. satire and puns are my favourite forms of making me laugh. : )
so like ive changed in time i think. ive become a better person and not as cringey as before (im glad that shit was a faze). ive caught off so many unhealthy people from life here and off here and i think thats what did me some good. im looking back at like me and its so embarrasing and idk how people stay so toxic. im probably just growing up but yup.


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so like ive changed in time i think. ive become a better person and not as cringey as before (im glad that shit was a faze). ive caught off so many unhealthy people from life here and off here and i think thats what did me some good. im looking back at like me and its so embarrasing and idk how people stay so toxic. im probably just growing up but yup.


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