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UI White / 1.3f

By DD-921
UI White for rainmeter

!!! Hello, I re-upload because I am deceive category I think I've fainted. !!!

The default passcode is 1111

To change password, go to  "This Pc/Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/UI White Theme/Lock/Lock.ini (315 octets)"
Then save and go into the rainmeter software to refresh

New update 1.3f (final) more efficient and stable with a "full" redesign of the skin
To change the language of the date, note and power it is in "This Pc/Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/UI White/resources/Settings.ini"

Updated 1.2 theme and I wanted to say thank you for your comments, favorites. YOU ARE AWESOME



- Remove unnecessary file
- Translation of the files in the information bar in the software rainmeter
- Optimization and correction of bugs of the skin
- 100% of skin French, Spanish language


- Add Clock 12h and 24h
Add new icons
- Add HDD D, E, F, G
- Add position help (1080)
- Skin readjust for 1080p
- Add Power (No text) and Power (Text)
- Add Swap for System
Fix weather C and F


- Add pack icons


- Lock  TheMonoTM…
System ( CPU, Ram, DISK, ... )  Rasylver…
- Date- Time  lilshizzy…
- SearchBar
- Weather C and F
- Power  abu46…
- Clock 


The dock is the rocketdock software

The skin has been heavily modified to take up less space but you can take the original version which is located above.
The wallpaper and icon is in the .mskin  "This Pc/Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/UI White"

PS: Replace manually if the theme is not loading at the right place

Other skin.

Skin Next…
Skin Previous…

© 2016 - 2021 DD-921
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comment telecharger merci

comment telecharger ca marche pas

can i flip a clock?

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It won't let me download it, it says failed - no file

Pleas i need help i download 1.3t and my scren is lockt and i can't u lock it and my pc password is with 0 and ther is just 1-9 but no 0 pls help

How do I make the 12hr clock skin the color black instead of white? I see where I need to do it but which #colorx# which number do I type for it to be black I have been typing random numbers and the color has yet to change.

TksPls. I need this background so i do not know you can give me this or not.

HOla no puedo salir de la pantalla de bloqueo, el codigo 1111 no funciona ayuda.

how to open lock screen my isn’t opening

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Regarding the LOCK function. It seems that you cant press on the empty space within the buttons (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) due to the nature of ButtonCommand and have to click on either the circumference of the button or the numbers precisely. This can be solved by using a different png for buttons that dont have empty gars between the number and the outer rim but that doesnt make it elegant as you want it to be

please help I cannot unlock my screen

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Can you link your rocketdock icon theme? love the rainmeter theme btw!


no puedo aplicar a mi pc ya la descargo 5 veces y no puedo ya lo intente muchas veces por favor yo tengo la version 4.3 ¡sera por eso?

tienes rainmeter? si no instálalo, pero si lo tienes entonces solo desinstala el programa y vuélvelo a instalar, te tiene que aparecer con el icono de una gota cuando lo instalas

how do i put in the icons?

Thanks for making something easy to download. I'm sure it runs smoothly.

domanda come lo scarico?

Where can i find my location number?

how can i add this wallpaper


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