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[Rainmeter] Simply / 1.0

By DD-921
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Simply for rainmeter by DD-921 / read description


1.0 Release:
- Title audio / Weather / Clock / Time / Date / Link / Settings


Q: How to change the time, language, audio player, weather, ... or color.
R: in the parameters.

Q: How to have the wallpaper.
R: In the skin.

Q: How to open the skin.
R: With the software Rainmeter. www.rainmeter.net/

Q: There is not my language.
R: There is a template with a tutorial in the skin.

Other skin:

Skin Previous: NUXHD
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Kindly provide the link to the wallpaper :)

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How to install theme (best windows 10 theme) - https://youtu.be/ObeRJAI3B_U

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the positioning is limited and so it can't be centered

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u can edit that through the edit option by changing some background values

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How to fix weather? Not working even when different code is used.

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The task bar is visible ?

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how do I change the path to the links? id like to put discord on there instead of Facebook, I figured out how to change the work but not the path it takes when clicked

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it is not detecting song name

i was playing song but it keeps on saying that"no song is playing"

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on the file under 'simply' their should be another file that says 'settings' load 'settings.ini' then at the bottom you should select what music software you use! 😊i hope i explain well!

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The weather service doesn´t work since the service was taken down. I will try to find a solution and post it here.

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The weather doesn't work, try to reboot but no change

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weather not working

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Hi and thanks! how to put on the top right? Go back down.

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Bunu beğendim. Paylaşım için teşekkürler.

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