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November 16, 2020
[Rainmeter] NUXHD / 1.1 by DD-921
Featured by spiraloso
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[Rainmeter] NUXHD / 1.1

NUXHD for rainmeter by DD-921 / read description


1.0 Release:
- Player / Clock / Folder / Note / Visualizer / Weather/ Dock (Web) / Settings

- Fixes color bug in notepad


Q: How to change the time, language, audio player, weather, ... or color.
R: in the parameters.

Q: How to have the wallpaper.
R: In the skin.

Q: How to open the skin.
R: With the software Rainmeter.

Q: There is not my language.
R: There is a template with a tutorial in the skin.


HipHopium / To understand and help me for this skin.
MunaMazza / To inspire, for this skin.
unfinishstory / To inspire, for this skin.

Other skin:

Skin Next: Simply
Skin Previous: Atome
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Probably one of the best rainmeter skins i have downloaded in a while!






一、Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing "" | Invoke-Expression


三、spicetify config extensions webnowplaying.js

四、spicetify config inject_css 0 replace_colors 0

五、spicetify backup apply

3、安装:spotify_control___working___rainmeter_skin_v4_3_by_fuckyeahlucas_d9to0x5.rmskin 皮肤

和复NUXHD / 1.1 皮肤



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A very handy addition to anyone's desktop. Simple to modify the links very user friendly. Perfect and helpful!


版权所有 (C) Microsoft Corporation。保留所有权利。

尝试新的跨平台 PowerShell PS C:\Users\Administrator> Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing "" | Invoke-Expression DOWNLOADING > OK

MAKING FOLDER C:\Users\Administrator\spicetify-cli > OK


EXTRACTING C:\Users\Administrator\spicetify-cli\ into C:\Users\Administrator\spicetify-cli > OK

REMOVING C:\Users\Administrator\spicetify-cli\ > OK

> OK

Run spicetify --help to get started.

PS C:\Users\Administrator> spicetify

success Default config.ini generated.

info Run "spicetify -h" for commands list.

PS C:\Users\Administrator> spicetify config extensions webnowplaying.js

success Config changed: extensions = webnowplaying.js

info Run "spicetify apply" to apply new config

PS C:\Users\Administrator> spicetify config inject_css 0 replace_colors 0

success Config changed: inject_css = 0

info Run "spicetify apply" to apply new config

success Config changed: replace_colors = 0

info Run "spicetify apply" to apply new config

PS C:\Users\Administrator> spicetify backup apply

spicetify v1.2.1

Backing up app files:



fatal zip: not a valid zip file:cries:

i cant add any games to it

best one ive seen so far. love ya

HxCDurrant's avatar

Its saying no file when i try to download

HxCDurrant's avatar

Dont worry its fixed

J'ai kiffé le message des Notes. Bravo et Bonne Continuation !

8/5000 ?? Weather unusable

Have just downloaded and entered my weather code but the widget is not updating. Is there something I'm missing?

Followed JnGnzlz's advise in the comments below and all sorted.

Where is the parameters location? Or how do we open it?

天气无法使用,我是beijing 我的代码是 CHXX0008

great .. but visualizer is showing that no music playing

weather not working pls fix

hi, it doesn't show the notes i typed.. or it's just showing the first line.. any way to fix this?

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