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[Rainmeter] NUXHD / 1.1
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Published: November 28, 2017
NUXHD for rainmeter by DD-921 / read description


1.0 Release:
- Player / Clock / Folder / Note / Visualizer / Weather/ Dock (Web) / Settings

- Fixes color bug in notepad


Q: How to change the time, language, audio player, weather, ... or color.
R: in the parameters.

Q: How to have the wallpaper.
R: In the skin.

Q: How to open the skin.
R: With the software Rainmeter. www.rainmeter.net/

Q: There is not my language.
R: There is a template with a tutorial in the skin.


HipHopium / To understand and help me for this skin.
MunaMazza / To inspire, for this skin.
unfinishstory / To inspire, for this skin.

Other skin:

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Skin Previous: Atome
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Comments (110)
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where do u get those wallpapers

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MrJoe37|New Deviant

Sorry, As I can solve the problem that I can not see the image of the song I'm listening to in spotify., I installed the spotify plugin.

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TaZvia|New Deviant
I honestly love the skins! Thank you so much - I have been looking for a note type skin and this works perfecto! I do have a suggestion, it'll be great if we can customize the size for each of the "skin" - for example if you zoom in, it'll be bigger and if you zoom out, it'll be smaller. Other than that, I love it ^-^
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james31366's avatar
umm my music player not show my song artwork while i play with spotify anyone can help?
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tocinator's avatar
Comment faire fonctionner le player ?
Et peut tu m'envoyer un lien du fond d'ecran ?
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lokeshsenthil's avatar
Give link for the wallpaper 
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MinasatoArigato's avatar
i really love it. thank you for this. i have a question tho, how do you make another paragraph on the "note" block?
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SamDeviantArt's avatar
You can add code to create paragraphs (#CRLF#) on the note.ini,  where the note is written, for example:

Text=Note 1.#CRLF##CRLF#Note 2.#CRLF##CRLF#Note 3.
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InfyMNHP's avatar
i didn't get wallpaper......
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kidrainzboy's avatar
This skin is very elegant. I love it. But the Player Control doesn't recognize MusicBee. Can you help? 
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The skin is awesome, great job man, but i use groove for my music, and when i play a song the player doesnt show the title, neither the visualizer. Is there a confiiguration for that? thanks

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Dr-Bee|Hobbyist Interface Designer
This would be cool if it wasn't so large!!! lol I have a 27" monitor and it's still big. Can you make a medium and small version? It looks cleaner that way. 
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It looks like this skin's visualizer causes rainmeter to crash. This problem has been occurring ever since I rebooted my PC.
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J'adore ce skin, il vraiment simple, facile à utiliser et surtout un bon design. beau travail!!!
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futa10ver's avatar
Clap Launcher is great! thanks for that. It would be great if you would write the coordinates of the location of the dock and notes as in your screenshot. Preferably all of the coordinates, if you do not complicate it;) (Wink) 
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louisalvaro70's avatar
the launcher is great. very simple but elegant. but there are some problems. first the audio player. i cant set my audio player to "Groove" (Groove Music i think). it can only set to windows media player but cant be applied for Groove Music. and second, the weather is not responding after i enter my location code. after i apply and hit refresh there is nothing to show. please somebody who got attention to this comment please help me find the way out of this two issues.
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DD-921 C'est bien de voir que dautre français utilisent deviantart et rainmeter et oui je l'ai bien compris ton message ^^ !
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DD-921|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Wink/Razz, il y a sephirotess qui est aussi français, Les skins sont très complets et bien expliquer. 
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Well working and absolutely stunning, thank you!
(apart from the audio player but from what I gathered that's not your fault. Got media control keys on my keyboard anways)
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DD-921|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you very much. :) (Smile) Hug 
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malikadnanahmad's avatar
Thank you for the skin. Can we change the font in it?
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DD-921|Hobbyist Interface Designer
You're welcome Wink/Razz . Yes you can change the font in .ini files "FontName="
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