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[Rainmeter] Atome / 1.1

Atome for rainmeter by DD-921 / read description


The old skins are abandoned, because I don't like it too much, too much bug, and no time to update them, for me Atom is the newest ones are a new page, better work, updated quickly.


1.0 Release:
- Player / Time - Date / Settings

- Control panel more simplified / possibility to change the color of the time bubbles and progress bar of the audio player


Q: How to change the time, language, audio player, weather, ... or color.
R: in the parameters.

Q: How to have the wallpaper.
R: In the skin.

Q: How to open the skin.
R: With the software Rainmeter.

Q: There is not my language.
R: There is a template with a tutorial in the skin.


lingkira / To inspire, for this skin

Other skin:

Skin Next: NUXHD
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this looks like a miniature solar system...its beautiful...:heart:

Just milling around, looked interesting, might be useful ;P

what is the code to place in order to change the color of the circles containing time. i like it to be black instead. TIA

color 0,0,0,0 (possible) - makes black. color 255,0,0,0 suppose to be green, color 0,255,0,0 suppose to be red and Color 0,0,255,0 suppose to be blue. Then you have combos to make the other colors. The last place is for intensity, 0-255 from 0 black to 255 white

the music bar does not work :(

Interesting. Double Dare you to make it work with WinAmp, Browsers, Sound Card of your Choice and anything that makes a noise. Or, something like that. ;P

Awesome buddy...

I love it!!! Thank you very much <:love:

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Absolutely fantastic :) Hats off my friend

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anyone please give the wallpaper link

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why can't it showing the progress time of song from spotify?

just a title and singer name...

where is the download link??

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Does anyone else have problems getting the progress bar to work? (Using Spotify, but also couldn't get it to function properly with Windows Media Player or Groove).

I am unable to use it for groove

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Nicely done ...!
however ..could you please check the download link cuz it did not work for me !!!!
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