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APB Reloaded Theme / 1.2f

APB Reloaded Theme for rainmeter

New update 1.1f (final)
To change the language of the date it is in "This Pc/Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/APB Reloaded Theme /resources/Settings.ini"

Updated theme and I wanted to say thank you for your comments, favorites. YOU ARE AWESOME



- Remove unnecessary file
- Optimization of skin files 
- Added French and Spanish languages (full language)
- Translation of the files in the information bar in the software rainmeter
- 100% of skin French, Spanish language
- More compact theme (4,52Mo  >  1,95Mo)


- Add Position help (1080)
- Add Visualizer
- Add Clock 12h and 24h
- Add color (blue, pink, grey, white) for Date, Clock, System and Volume
- Merge version Volume and Filler (4 Color Included)
- The opacity is default for Filler
- Increase the resolution of the wallpaper 1920x1080 ---> 2560x1440
- Skin readjust for 1080p



- Time - Date (Elegance 2)  lilshizzy…
- Visualizer  (Fountain of Colors desktop music visualizer)  alatsombath…
- Battery, CPU, HDD, RAM, Swap, Wireless  Rasylver…
- Filler
- Volume  


The dock is the rainmeter software

The skin has been heavily modified to take up less space but you can take the original version which is located above.
The wallpaper and icon is in the .mskin  "This Pc/Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/APB Reloaded Theme"

PS: Replace manually if the theme is not loading at the right place

Other skin

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How do I get the Visualizer it looks cool.

too bad i just join

i want to download

but the link already dead

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Thank you very much to all who liked my work that it is by comments, by favorites, 
..., I'm very happy. I am a dummy! Hug 

Messages that are hidden is not a censorship but just people who ask for help. 
Either the skin's help is out of date because the skin has changed the way it works or the help is indicated in the description.
So I delete them 1 month after I answered them to avoid choking off the comment space, except with a thank you noteNod 

I'm sorry for some people I haven't answered their message, for the absence and for the slow updates. Sweating a little... 

This message will be visible on all the skins, please do not reply to this message and please read the description most of the information are write. 
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So everything seems to be working fine, except that the fountain of colours visualizer doesnt work, it gets stuck after a few seconds 
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Maybe the music is not strong enough for the visualizer to work or you can download the visualizer directly to the creator Who is in the description :) (Smile) 
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Yeah i did that and then it works perfectly
Where can I download that background, I dont know where to find it where you said it should be. please anwser.

EDIT: I found it haha, thanks, looks really awesome.
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The wallpaper is in the .mskin  "This Pc/Documents/Rainmeter/Skins/APB Reloaded Theme"
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