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Ur-Quan Masters HD: Vux - Zex

By dczanik
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From Star Control 2 - The Ur-Quan Masters ([link]) - The Vux
The Vux generally despise humans, but one Admiral Zex just adores humans. This is part of my work on an Ur-Quan Masters HD mod. The actual reference image I used was only 243x107 pixels and can be seen here: [link]

This pic has been slowing down my computer preventing me from working on it too much. As an homage to Zarla's Star Control art [link] I've placed little dolls on the pedestal.
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Very nice work, as usual!
I have a suggestion you might want to look into - the VUX were supposed to be really repulsive for us, something that mlostly failed in original art. Could you try to add sorts of shine to the skin, make it look slimy or something?
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I agree. You'll notice my Vux is a bit more bumpy and has more variation in color to make it look more repulsive. It's a fine line though. You don't want to change it too much from what people remember or you make them upset. The Vux has such diehard followers that I don't want to change it too much. Yet as an artist, I do want to make it my own in a way. I'll experiment with the shine and see if I can do. I never consider these pictures really finished. Just works in progress. But for me, all my art is never finished, just abandoned at various stages. I do like getting feedback (like this) before 'finishing' anything, which is what I define as what you'll see in the game.
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Spectacular! Bravo! You took the original and made it thousands of times better!
His uniform could use a bit more polish, though. I mean, the Vux are a vain species after all.
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Thank you sir! I will update the image in the future, and give the uniform some more polish! :)
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KorlashadowStudent Filmographer
Got to have the plushies yeah!
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Of course! You could see him with little dolls too! ;)
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KorlashadowStudent Filmographer
Once I can start making plushies, I'll make star control ones someday
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I didn't think the VUX could get uglier... but then they did.

That's a compliment. :D
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RRR-XHobbyist Digital Artist
That comment's worse than Captain Rand's. No wonder why they hate us. XD
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Thank you so much Saria! :D
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zarlaHobbyist General Artist
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"No Sir! I didn't see you playing with your dolls!" It's my little fan art of your fan art. Love your stuff. :)
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