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The Yehat

By dczanik
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HOOT! Human, what are you doing back here!? Are ye totally off yer perch!? We have sympathies fer yer cause, tis true
but we must obey the orders of our Queen, however much we may disagree with them!

As part of my Star Control UQM HD mod, I've made the Yehat based on this pic: [link]
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The wings of the front Yehat bother me a lot, but thats just a fumble in the original art, and not your problem. Still neato.
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RRR-XHobbyist Digital Artist
Do the Yehat have feet?
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Man I love the Yehat, but I always have to wonder... what's with the front guy's arms?! Were they a brain fart, or do Yehat inexplicably have two completely different wingtypes :shrug:
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Sadly I've never noticed that until now. Could be sexual dimorphism.