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Syreen Penetrator Captain

By dczanik
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A Syreen Penetrator Captain for the Star Control fan sequel called Project6014 [link] which is based on the Urquan Masters [link] . The pic is loosely based on the original pic here: [link] (Yes. That's the actual size of my reference pic)

In the melee game, she's wearing Fishnet stockings, and controls her ship with what I can only describe as a stripper pole. Her ship looks like this: [link] is called the Penetrator.

The Syreen have always been a tongue-in-cheek kind of hypersexual warrior princess. I tried to keep that feel with this pic.
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That's certainly inventive, but is it not even necessary.

You'd think the Mycon's deep children was a myth perpetuated to make have them join the New Alliance of Free Stars, correct? Also, I thought Syeens wear cotton briefs, as in end-frames on scII. But if that's what float her boat, then I guessed it's so.

What do you mean by stripper "poles?" <-But aside from that earth-bound matter, I admire your use of colors. And, btw: The HQ music is awesome.
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The control chair would be a modified gynecologist chair, give her a headset so she can sing (to project the hypnotic song), and a couple more foot pads so she can move her legs around to give commands.

The interesting part is that the gynecological chair could allow for another joystick control.
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best user interface for an all female crew spaceship EVER
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RRR-XHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks better than Talana's replacement. XD
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Ah Moosey! Err... Lucielle. There's been much debate whether to keep her or not. I just threw her in there to go against expectations and get a cheap laugh. Some like her, some hate her.
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This may come many years later, but I wanted to just note that Lucielle was a great idea and made me burst out laughing when I first saw her in the demo. Truly, to be sexy metal-bikini-clad vixens is the right of ALL Syreen!
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RRR-XHobbyist Digital Artist
Hah. Good work there. Surely got a laugh outa me.
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mattbentleyHobbyist General Artist
Ah I see - I thought this was going to be a bridge picture for face-to-face communicae. No worries.
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mattbentleyHobbyist General Artist
Penis-shaped joystick perhaps a tad too much - otherwise good.
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:D Perhaps it was! But I was tasked with drawing a half naked woman who pilots a ship that looks like a vibrator and is called the 'Penetrator'. She also controls the ship with what looks like... stripper poles. I couldn't help but continue on with the tongue-in-cheek humor. I asked the team, and they voted to keep it in. And at the game's comm resolution of 243x107 pixels, you don't really see the joystick. Thanks for the comment! :)
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zenzmurfy General Artist
Great job! Love the background set design! Love the pin-up aspect of the painting!
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chaoswolf1982Hobbyist General Artist
a ship that looks like a huge ribbed vibrator with wings, whose most powerful stat is "thrust". That alone wins this.
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Ha! I never saw realized the 'Thrust' is the most powerful stat! Good eye!
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47nessProfessional Digital Artist
The blatant Betty Page homage going on here preeetty much seals the deal on just what the Syreen are all about~ ♫ :XD:

(I find it interesting that they would need to display their own stats, in relation to all the other ships in the war. I imagine some species, like say the Shofixti, would choose to live in denial about their actual ship deficiencies... ~^)
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Excellent as always! Very pretty indeed.
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