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Lucy and Ricky

By dczanik
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Lucy and Ricky. Done in pen, so there's no erasing. Challenging because if you messed up on either face the whole picture is screwed up. Taken as a challenge to those who think you need the best equipment to make good art. This was done with xerox paper, and the cheapest pen I could fine.

I do think Ricky is a little messed up, but you can't erase with pen! I could have kept this to just Lucy, but I like the idea of the two of them together (even if they didn't stay that way in real life)
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This is pretty badass.
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very good
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Thanks! I have a bunch of these that I did. Some are better than others since if I made a mistake you had to deal with it. Once my pen leaked on the face of a girl. I tried to work around it by making it look like she was crying. Some other sketches on here are Sandra Bullock: [link] ,or Jack Nicholson: [link] . My favorite portrait on here is of my dad. Because, well, it's my dad :) [link]