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Some artwork from Ur-Quan Masters: Project 6014.

The team is quite excited to announce the release of the Project6014 demo. A faux sequel to Ur-Quan Masters.

You can find content packages and executables for OSX, Windows and Linux at our project page here:

I liked Vile Rancour's ship design: [link] So I made a more '3D' view of it. It turned into the games loading screen.
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I think if Project 6014 can manage to both be completed and manages to avoid/fix in beta testing any gamebreaking bugs or gamebreaking quest design choices, then it ought to be very enjoyable. After all, it's essentially SC2 gameplay goodness either way!

It not only looks like a very nice fan sequel, but even though nothing besides a Ford/Reiche sequel could ever be -canon-, it looks like the closest thing to a PROPER sequel we probably are ever gonna get. (Because that Stardock thing... I got REALLY bad feelings about, because what I see so far shows they neither GET or appreciate Star Control, babbling about aliens not speaking english. (Which REALLY misses the point, Star Control is a funny space opera. Not some very serious thing where aliens should talk weird gibberish because someone thinks it's realistic.)

Now as for P6014 though... I think if I had any feedback for the team it's really more of a tip... I think they got the captain dialogue down very well, but I think one thing that's very important about Star Control is to avoid making it to serious.

Remember, in SC2 MOST of the alien races have some style of humour about them and quotable funny dialogue. A big bad villain race can be serious (like the Kohr-Ah) and there's room for your occasional tragedy (The Yehat) but much of SC2 is lighthearted and funny.

And that's both a hard spirit to preserve but also a very vital one. Overtly serious Star Control is very likely to be boring and forgettable Star Control. There's room for serious points (After all SC2 had them) but without the colourful playfulness it REALLY isn't the same.

In fact, I'd say it's the difference between the funny and intriguing Star Control 2 races... and say... Legends attempt at new Star Control races when they did Star Control 3. Fact is, most of their attempts (Save a small few like the K'Tang) where just not that FUNNY and thus really not very memorable.

I think it's definitely important to add some jokes here and there, make sure that if there's fairly long dialogues they're entertaining. MUCH easier said then done, but if you really wanna do a worthy SC2 sequel (And these guys are the closest to doing it I've seen in all these... twenty years? now.) You gotta go for it! Think of why you'd WANT to talk to each alien BESIDES just completing game mechanics!

If that can be done, it might very well become the most worthy tribute to the masterpiece that is SC2.
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I love the look of the ship, but I wonder on the status of the project
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The Chmmr Explorer is great, but why isn't Zelnick piloting the Mark II?
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Ah. Well, we have some plans for that :)
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I-PlexiglassHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool. :)
I love how you did the shading here, and the colours and background look excellent.
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Thank you! I really appreciate it! :) I love this ship design.
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I-PlexiglassHobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed. :)
You're very welcome.
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Yay, Chmmr! The style is next to Braid.
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TalrosProfessional Digital Artist
Oh I love this game, great work ! :)
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Thank you! Coming from you, that's quite a compliment. I've seen your art. It's amazing! If you ever want to join the 6014 team, let me know! :D Oh, and I also love Dune 2!
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gpscHobbyist Artisan Crafter
cool I love how you merged the look of the Chenjesu Broodheim with the Mrnmhrm Y-Wing
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Thanks! The original design [link] goes to a guy that goes by the name of Vile Rancour. I just visualized it in something other than his top view :)
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BothniaHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow :O I love UQM, never heard about 'Project 6014' though. I guess I'm oldschool
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Thanks! I hope you take a look at the game demo. If you love UQM, I think you'll enjoy it! Would love any feedback too :-)
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BothniaHobbyist Digital Artist
It's good work, but I would love to see some kind of transparency in crystals. Don't know how it could be done but I think it's needed.
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I agree. I've experimented with the transparency and just wasn't able to find the right look on it. On the left wing it's more noticeable. The other problem is what to show inside, there's supposed to be a bridge inside there, and possibly 6 ships. The game demo only runs at 320x240 pixels. I thought too much detail might actually take away from it, and could be a waste of what little time I have to work on other stuff for the game.
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