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Woah i just realise my last journal entry was happy new year 2012! lol

anyways 2014 is a new year and i wish everyone great success, super awesomeness and loads of fun in the year ahead!

I hope i can do more personal works this year and improve more!

anyways, if anyone's interested I'm on facebook as well!
here's the link to my page

I'll try to post more stuffs like sketches or wips there as well.

I also have a twitter account but i have no idea how to use lol
i think i need to get out of the cave and learn some of this stuff hahaha

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  • Listening to: Tetsujin Tiger 7
many thanks for the comments recieved!
and thank you lone-momo :icondeerlordhunter: for the dd too!
really appreciate it alot! =)
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Hi all, just wanna wish everyone happy holidays! In a blink of an eye, its already reaching the end of 2009. this month was really quite packed for me as i have just finished my reservist training in camp and tmr i will be flying off to japan for my honeymoon with Angela. For all my life, i wanted to go japan for a trip and explore tokyo especially and finally i have the chance to go there! I'm really very excited as its my first time there =) well just hope i dun get lost there! and also thank you so much for the support that you guys and gals have given me, i really appreciate it! anyways do have a great time this christmas and enjoy ur holidays!! CHEERS!
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i have realised that my deviantpage's been acting crazy for a while, everytime i post replies to people it ends up being cluttered together like wad u see below hahaha dunno if its a bug or something
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YOU DIED is the familiar word i see in the game HAHAHA coz i'm always dead!!
but after a while, when i get the hang of it its really fun man!
finally finished the game but the ending is really sucks haha well but i really
never regret buying this game, its awesome! =)
and this is the HARDDEST and most UNFORGIVING game i ever play, when u die you really
die and burn in hell peniless!!! HAHAHAHA!
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well got myself hooked to SF4 for a while already haha, its really a fun game and my favourite character is dhalsim. i know he is very irritaing in a way but he's quite fun to use haha i also like dan and balrog, i really like how this time all the characters have different expressions! and i really love cammy's physique, hee hee she got da abs but she is sooo damn HOT! hahaha
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ahhh had been feeling really giddy and unwell for the past two weeks, so sorry if i haven replied any of my messages, will do it soon! =)
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wishing everyone here on DA a merry christmas!! Happy holidays! =)
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goodness gracious... i am becoming a zombieeee haha been dead for a while...
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waaaa haven been updating my account for very long, have been busy with work lately, anyway i just updated my gallery with some random pics, din't really have time and energy to really do something complete. so sorry about it anyway, well i will keep my page updated as often as possible in future. see ya guys around! and thanks for dropping by! =) cheers!
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Wow!!!! he's here!! i can't believe it!
u guys should really check out his art!
one of my favourite artist!
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wow!! finally!! I am going out of army in another 1 and a half months time!! so happy man. i can still remember the first time i step in to basic millitary training school 2 yrs back and boy! those times were tough and sucky!! but everything's ok now... i am finally a civilian again =D so much for army life!! bye bye sucky world HALO TO THE NEW BORN LIFE!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

last but not least.....

ORD* LORRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
haha sorry guys, it seems i have been gone for so long. i myself have not been painting or drawing for so long! i think it's time for me to wake up and go back to the drawing boards man. well to those who have been visiting my page, thanks so much for doing so =) see ya guys around
Hi all,

yes i've busted my knee sometime back from last year. and finally i've decided to go for an operation on april to fix it. well, that means that i will be out of action for some time. well, hope everything will be alright and i've come out of the operating theatre with both my limbs haha but i think it should be safe as the doc says so. so till then, i'll still try to draw and post stuff like i always do haha hope i can rest well and recover soon nayway see ya guys and take care! =)
hi all, wish u guys all a happy happy new year! =) may u all have a better year this year and good luck and good fortune and good health!! =D anyways happy holidays and take care!
a big thank you to everyone for the 50000 hits! really thank you for ur support u guys given me =) first i have to apologize for being abit dead and inactive in DA besides posting stuff, coz i really have no access to the computer. i can only come home on weekends to use my com and most of the time i am serving my army term in camp. sorry if i seem to keep repeating myself haha. anyway i am really happy that i made it to the daily deviation and its all becoz of all ur support and encouragement u people have given me( thanks! mangapunksai!). i really appreciate all ur comments and critics and i will continue to push myself to create better art and improve myself. once again thank you guys! see ya and take care! =D

30,000 hits! thanks everyone!

Thu Aug 11, 2005, 7:25 PM
Thanks for the support and critics and comments i recieved!

come to think of it, so fast i have been in the army for 1 yr, i still have one more year to go before i get out of all this. well, army certainly took away so much of my time, making me unable to do all the things i wan to do. recently i am also invovled in the NDP, which made my life even busier with all the traffic control i have to do, thousand of thousands of funpacks to pack and also sleepless nites on the road doing road blocks. well i must admit all this kinda suck, but then i seem to learn quite alot from this. well, wad i feel is that army certainly changed me, changed me somehow to a more developed person in the mind and made me more focus in wad i wan to do with my life. it made me realise how to treasure my limited time to do the stuff i wan to do! before that i'll be just lazing around, taking time for granted, waiting for each hour to pass sitting there on the couch, lying on the bed and eating tibits. haha so much have happened for this past one year. thinking back, i can still remember the first day i took up my pencil and wanted to take art more seriously. that was three years ago. after so much help and support from so many people i finally told myself to get out of my lazy ass and start to get things working myself. i probably told u guys before but i really owe it to gary(curry) becoz with out him i dun think i will ever improve on my stuff. he always gave me straight to the face critics that sometimes is quite harsh but it makes very good sense, so i told my self to bury my face in and do it all over again. ever since, i and gary  became closer friends.  and there was my lovely girl friend too, thanks for her being so understanding and kind to me all this while, thank you for ur love and support u gave me when i am down. =) and there was the whole gang of me goody two shoes friends which we always hang out with togther and just draw stuffs together, it's really kinda fun. but now coz all of us are in army we can only meet like once a week or so, so we dun do that anymore. but i am glad all of them still kept the drawing spirit alive and i am very happy that all of us still love drawing like we use to. =) well i think i am a very lucky guy to have so many good friends and a very lovable girlfriend, and a good audience from deviantart.
haha this is probably my longest journal, hope its not to boring, cheerios! =)

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cool! finally my girlfriend has a deviantart account! but she hasn't post anything on her site .. well anyway i hope she post something interesting soon hee hee! oh ya and my bestest buddy has finally post some work! u guys can go check it out, he's really a very skilled artist, i learnt alot from him and without him i think i would have died 3 yrs ago while drawing haha abit exaggerating but i owe it to him. here's his dv account... do vist his site =)

ok thats it for now! i'll still try to post as often as possible if i can, till then thanks for all the critics amd comments! =D
hi all, been some time since i wrote my journal, very very busy these few weeks. everything is so packed! and my brain's gonna burst soon with all the mental torture in camp. but hope i can go thru all this very soon!